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Pig producers warned to be on the lookout

Seneca Valley virus is a concern because its symptoms are the same as those for foot-and-mouth

If you see blisters around the mouth, hoof, or nose of your pigs, you need to call your veterinarian immediately. Seneca Valley virus, which causes these blisters, is a swine disease that has recently become more prevalent in the U.S. “Seneca Valley virus is a concern because you can’t distinguish it from the really scary […] Read more

Warning about horses returning from U.S.

Be aware of import requirements due to recent U.S. outbreak of vesicular stomatitis

Canadians are reminded to check import requirements before arriving at the border with their horses. Import requirements protect human and animal health and may change at any time in response to an animal disease outbreak in another country. Failure to meet import requirements could result in delays at the border, or denial of entry. New […] Read more