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Alberta is the largest producer of alfalfa seed, but growers’ overseas customers have a 
zero-GM tolerance policy.

GM alfalfa may already be in Alberta

Accidental contamination of foundation seed heightens fears that forage 
and hay markets worth hundreds of millions are in peril

Reading Time: 7 minutes Genetically modified alfalfa has somehow made its way into Alberta — raising fears that western Canadian forage seed growers and hay exporters could be shut out of markets worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Alberta Farmer recently learned that a batch of foundation seed contaminated with Roundup Ready alfalfa was sent to a forage seed […] Read more


Forage growers, get your seed lined up soon

Alberta forage growers can expect limited seed supplies and high prices 
for almost all forage types this upcoming spring

Reading Time: 2 minutes Bad news for forage growers: Seed is in short supply and prices are “through the roof” heading into spring. “The prices reflect the supply,” said Heather Kerschbaumer of Golden Acre Seeds in Fairview. “We’re advising anybody who’s planning on doing any reseeding to go to your seed supplier and get your orders in early.” Forage […] Read more

Forage Seed Canada president Heather Kerschbaumer

Forage seed industry wants Western Canada to be a GM alfalfa-free zone

Seed growers say keeping GM alfalfa out of Western Canada would save 
current export markets and open the door to additional sales

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alfalfa seed growers in Alberta could stand to gain a huge market advantage over their neighbours to the south — if the industry can keep GM alfalfa out of Western Canada. “We’ve got access to potential market gains by picking up markets that are possibly going to be lost in the States,” said Heather Kerschbaumer, […] Read more

Alfalfa forage.

Slim pickings for forage seed this growing season

Reading Time: < 1 minute Anyone thinking about growing forages this year better act sooner than later. Strong cattle values coupled with low grain and oilseed prices is shifting marginal acres back to forages, Kevin Shaw, sales and marketing representative at Pickseed, said at the recent Alberta Forage Industry Network annual general meeting. And there’s not an excess of forage seed around given that yields […] Read more