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An undercover video of chickens being abused at a B.C. farm is very disturbing but not representative of the industry, 
says the chair of Alberta Chicken Producers.

Chicken producers decry abuse shown in undercover video

Abuse on a B.C. broiler farm is an isolated incident but the poultry industry must ensure 
it doesn’t happen again, says Alberta Chicken Producers

Like its predecessors, the latest undercover video by Mercy for Animals showing abuse of animals on a farm has had a big impact. The 2-1/2-minute long video shows catchers from Elite Farm Services kicking, throwing, and simulating sexual acts with broiler chickens on a farm in B.C.’s Fraser Valley. Erna Ference, chair of the Alberta […] Read more

Hens near Chilliwack catch H5N1 avian flu

About 95 layer hens on a “non-commercial” farm near Chilliwack are the Fraser Valley’s latest cases of avian influenza, but not of the same strain seen at 12 other farms in December. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Saturday announced a quarantine on the Chilliwack farm after confirming, effective Feb. 2, that table egg-laying birds […] Read more