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The scramble is on for canola

Reading Time: < 1 minute The country’s smallest canola harvest in 13 years is forcing importers such as Japan and Mexico to pay more or scramble for supplies elsewhere. Both export markets and domestic crushers are coming up far short of normal supplies. Exports were only 388,000 tonnes in the first seven weeks of the new crop year (which began […] Read more

The drought just blasted Justin Bell’s wheat crop near Rosebud, northeast of Calgary. Yields of only 40 to 60 per cent of normal are common but taking advantage of soaring prices is a way to mitigate some of the loss, say market experts.

Make the best of a bad year with astute grain marketing, say experts

Soaring wheat prices could go higher still, but get advice and be nimble, say market watchers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Drought conditions across Western Canada and elsewhere have driven wheat yields down — and wheat prices up. “I’m having trouble remembering any time in history where we have seen prices for fall delivery ahead of harvest this high,” said Mike Jubinville, senior market analyst with MarketsFarm. “It’s not the all-time record high for wheat prices […] Read more

Will seasonal grain pricing hold this year?

Will seasonal grain pricing hold this year?

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you’re expecting history to repeat itself, sell some canola soon or wait until post-harvest.  Prices tend to follow a set pattern over the course of the year, says provincial crops market analyst Neil Blue. A chart using price data from 2011 to 2020 and a baseline of 100 shows prices rise to above 104 […] Read more

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Wide base of customers aids canola market

Reading Time: < 1 minute Demand from China has been the headline factor in the price rise for canola (and a lot of other commodities) but the oilseed is also benefiting from a diversified export base, says provincial market analyst Neil Blue. While China has greatly ramped up its purchases and long-term buyer Japan sits in the No. 2 spot, […] Read more

Unlike price jumps caused by supply shortages, which tend to be short lived, it’s a rise in demand that’s pushing grain and oilseeds to all-time highs, says market analyst Mike Jubinville.

Grain prices reach near-record highs with no end in sight

They could go higher yet, but take advantage now to lock in some of next year’s crop, say experts

Reading Time: 4 minutes The best cure for high prices is prices — as the old saying goes — but Canadian grain producers may be able to ride the current highs for a little longer yet. “We’re approaching all-time highs in a number of commodities right now, and historically, the faster things go up, the faster they inevitably go […] Read more

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Feed weekly outlook: High demand keeps bids strong

MarketsFarm — Feed grain prices in Western Canada have come off of recent highs but remain “higher than what feeders like to see.” That’s according to Brandon Motz of CorNine Commodities ar Lacombe, Alta., who said feed grains are still in a “high-demand market,” with spot prices for feed barley and wheat around $260-$265 per […] Read more

Exports of wheat have been strong during the pandemic and while prices aren’t great, there’s a chance they could see an upswing in the winter.

Wheat could be a pleasant surprise on the upside this winter

A lot of grain has moved during the pandemic, analysts are hoping for some ‘fireworks’ in the market

Reading Time: 4 minutes The market for Canada’s wheat shows promise, even if no one can say that it’s going to be a clear winner. “It’s not like we’re going to see the doubling of prices,” said Brennan Turner, chief executive officer of FarmLead. “There are a number of variables that are likely to push wheat prices higher than […] Read more