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Quebec’s Agriculture Minister Pierre Paradis announced funding for L’Arterre at winery Cassis Monna et Filles of St-Pierre-de-l’Ile-d’Orleans, Que., accompanied by (l-r) Catherine et Anne Monna and Land Bank agent Leslie Carbonneau and other dignitaries. (Groupe CNW/MAPAQ)

Quebec service to match farmland sellers, young buyers

The Quebec and federal governments are putting up funds for a different kind of online match site: one to connect aspiring young farmers with producers who are either retiring or wanting to sell or rent farmland. The two governments on Tuesday announced $300,000 for the Centre de reference en agriculture et agroalimentaire du Quebec (CRAAQ) […] Read more

Oil rig and cattle in field

Keep on eye on costs when pursuing unpaid rent

The Surface Rights Board carefully reviews the bills of lawyers and agents who help landowners file their application

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) is advising landowners to take care when hiring advisers to help them prepare their Surface Rights Board case. “Landowners will often recruit professional assistance in filing their applications to the SRB,” FAO spokesperson Jeana Les said in a release. “While the board has the power to require the industry operator […] Read more

Six tips to successful land rental

Six tips to successful land rental

This title to the old Russian folk tale by Leo Tolstoy hasn’t lost any of its significance.* It’s a question farmers ponder today, as land and land rent prices continue to rise to levels never seen before. Despite lower commodity prices, the cost of land is still rising dramatically in the Westlock, Alta. area (about[...]
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If you don’t calculate the potential profit from rental land, it’s easy to pay too much.

What the neighbours are paying doesn’t matter

Here are three ways to calculate fair rental rates — and none involves going to the coffee shop

Reading Time: 2 minutes Determining a fair rental rate isn’t easy, says provincial farm business management specialist Dean Dyck “Often, people use what others are charging or paying in the local area,” said Dyck. “Following this approach has pitfalls because the rate may not be reflective of the soil productivity on the farm or there may be a difference[...]
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What’s a fair rent for a pasture? ‘It depends’

Higher cattle prices and a decline in available pastures putting upward pressure on rental rates

Reading Time: 2 minutes Higher cattle prices have some producers and landowners revisiting their pasture leases. “Pasture rental rates can be difficult to figure out because there are many factors to consider such as local availability of land and pasture, localized demand, quality of the pasture, condition of the existing fences and water, and bargaining,” said Dean Dyck, a[...]
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Avoid family fights over farm wills with these land transfer tips

If you’re among the 80 per cent of farmers leaving some land to non-farming children, 
Merle Good has some creative land transfer advice

Reading Time: 3 minutes Merle Good has one piece of advice for farmers who are drawing up their wills: “If you’re going to leave land to a non-farming child, get creative.” Thirty years ago, “hardly any land went to a non-farming child,” said Good, a longtime tax specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development who now runs a private[...]
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