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An undercover video of chickens being abused at a B.C. farm is very disturbing but not representative of the industry, 
says the chair of Alberta Chicken Producers.

Chicken producers decry abuse shown in undercover video

Abuse on a B.C. broiler farm is an isolated incident but the poultry industry must ensure 
it doesn’t happen again, says Alberta Chicken Producers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Like its predecessors, the latest undercover video by Mercy for Animals showing abuse of animals on a farm has had a big impact. The 2-1/2-minute long video shows catchers from Elite Farm Services kicking, throwing, and simulating sexual acts with broiler chickens on a farm in B.C.’s Fraser Valley. Erna Ference, chair of the Alberta […] Read more

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Workers fired following chicken abuse video

CNS Canada — A British Columbia company tied to nationally broadcast footage of livestock abuse has laid off five workers, according to a statement from the organization Tuesday. The animal rights and vegan advocacy group responsible for capturing the video says that’s not enough, and is pursuing legal action. Employees at a Vancouver-area chicken farm […] Read more

A worker at Chilliwack Cattle Sales is shown kicking a dairy cow in the head in covert video from 2014. (Mercy For Animals via Youtube)

Major dairy farm gets six-figure fines in cruelty case

British Columbia’s largest dairy farm has been slapped with a reported $300,000 in fines after entering guilty pleas to charges of animal cruelty, stemming from covert video shot in 2014. Chilliwack Cattle Sales (CCS) and co-owner Wesley Kooyman were convicted Friday in Provincial Court over violations of the province’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. […] Read more

Temple Grandin speaking at a conference

Livestock facility audits praised by experts

Temple Grandin and Jennifer Woods say they boost both profits and PR

Reading Time: 4 minutes Temple Grandin and Jennifer Woods are both fans of the old saying: ‘You cannot manage what you cannot measure.’ Which is why the two animal welfare experts are in favour of audits. The duo, who has known each other for more than two decades, both spoke at the recent Canadian Livestock Transport conference. “Many people […] Read more

Ont. poultry packer back under hidden-camera spotlight

Canada’s biggest poultry processor is back under animal welfare activists’ scrutiny with hidden-camera footage alleging more mishandling of birds at one of its packing plants. Maple Lodge Farms, which in September 2013 was convicted under the federal Health of Animals Act over birds’ exposure to cold weather during transport, said Saturday it’s paying “prompt attention” […] Read more

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Study says healthy cattle can manage taxing transport

Researchers find well-conditioned cattle bear up well during transport

Reading Time: 4 minutes A prominent animal welfare group calls it “transport torture,” but a new study has found conditions inside livestock trailers don’t normally have a significant impact on animal health. The Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada study looked at trailer microclimates during cattle transport. “We thought they might have an impact on the health and morbidity rates once […] Read more

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Don’t wing it — or refuse comment — if your farm makes the six o’clock news

Consultant and media trainer Grant Ainsley has some basic advice for dealing with the media

Reading Time: 2 minutes If the media ever shows up at your farm, treat them like you would a “big hungry dog,” says PR consultant and media trainer Grant Ainsley. “You have to feed it, or it will howl, bark and eventually bite,” he said. “You can’t always control what happens, but you can control your reaction.” The worst […] Read more