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In addition to feed testing, introduce high-nitrate feed slowly and dilute it in the ration, says Bart Lardner, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan.

Know what you’ve got is the golden rule when feed is short

Nitrate levels are higher in drought-stressed crops, so testing feed is an absolute must

Reading Time: 4 minutes Testing your feed should top your to-do list this fall and winter. “Get that crop tested,” said Bart Lardner, a University of Saskatchewan professor who holds a research chair in cow-calf and forage systems. “Know what you’re starting with and know what you’re dealing with in terms of energy density, protein density, and anti-quality factors […] Read more

Crops mowed down by the great white combine can have high concentrations of nitrates and need to be tested before being used as feed.

Nitrate accumulation a danger in hailed-out crops, says specialist

The crop, its development stage, and the amount of nitrogen in the soil all need to be considered

Reading Time: 2 minutes Think about nitrate accumulation when salvaging cereal, oilseed, or hay crops damaged by hail, says a provincial beef and forage specialist. “Nitrate accumulation occurs in a plant when it is injured and is not able to convert nitrate to protein efficiently after a hailstorm,” said Barry Yaremcio. “In non-legume crops, water and nutrients are pushed […] Read more

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Chinese group eyes indirect stake in Chile’s SQM

Santiago | Reuters — China’s CITIC CLSA Capital Markets will participate in the process to buy an indirect stake in Chilean crop nutrition and industrial chemical firm SQM, one of the world’s top lithium producers, the holding company selling the stake said Monday. Holding company Oro Blanco said in a filing with Chile’s securities regulator […] Read more