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Court ruling alone won’t fix ‘orphan’ well crisis

There are now more than 3,000 abandoned wells in Alberta, and many more that are no longer active

A Supreme Court ruling that puts cleanup ahead of creditors is a step forward — but won’t “make too much difference” to landowners with abandoned wells, says a director with the Alberta Surface Rights Federation. “The landowners are still going to be in a situation where they have to deal with contaminated land for maybe […] Read more

Bankrupt oil firms must clean up inactive wells, Supreme Court rules

Ottawa/Winnipeg | Reuters — Canada’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that bankrupt oil companies must clean up inactive wells, overturning lower court decisions that prioritized paying creditors and potentially raising the risks of investment in the industry. The 5-2 ruling means that the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), which had appealed the earlier court decisions, can […] Read more

“While there are many excellent companies and land agents, unfortunately there are also some who use questionable ethics in their negotiations with farmers and ranchers.”

Be on guard for land agents with ‘questionable ethics’

Carol Goodfellow says a bonus for signing quickly and not being offered complete information are warning signs

Farmers, ranchers, land agents, and energy companies need to have a basic understanding of ethics as they relate to energy negotiations, says an official with the Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO). “One of the roles of the FAO is to assist farmers and ranchers to understand the laws that guide the energy industry and their rights […] Read more