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Canadian biofuels aren’t a ‘blunder,’ they’re a success story

Canadian biofuels aren’t a ‘blunder,’ they’re a success story

Well-designed renewable fuel policies can be good for the 
environment, the economy, and agricultural producers

Reading Time: 3 minutes In an opinion piece published in the previous edition of this paper (Biofuels are one of our greatest environmental blunders), Gwyn Morgan questions the benefits of biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel. Mr. Morgan would have it that biofuels are a “blunder.” In our opinion, biofuels are a home run for the environment and the rural economy. […] Read more

Biofuels are one of our greatest environmental blunders

Proponents of biofuels are simply refusing to count their true environmental cost

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are biofuels really greener than the fossil fuels they displace? In a recent column I pointed out that electric cars are only as green as the fuel used to generate the electricity they consume. For internal-combustion-powered vehicles, much of the focus has been on trying to reduce carbon emissions by adding ethanol to gasoline and […] Read more

New biorefinery to open demonstration refinery

SBI BioEnergy says it has a unique process that uses no water or chemicals and generates no waste

Reading Time: 2 minutes An Edmonton company is reaching the final stage of its project to build a biorefinery that will convert non-food canola oil and waste fats into next-generation, renewable transportation fuels that can replace or can be blended with conventional fuels. The company, SBI BioEnergy (SBI), has been working on scaling up its novel “catalytic” processing technology […] Read more

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U.S. EPA launches probe into benefits of biofuels program

Chicago | Reuters — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s in-house investigators have launched a review of the environmental benefits stemming from the country’s decade-old program requiring the use of corn-based ethanol in gasoline. The investigation, to be conducted by the Inspector General for EPA, will examine whether the agency has complied with reporting requirements and […] Read more

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Reactions mixed on U.S. biofuel policy role in Canadian market

CNS Canada — The climate of the Canadian renewable fuel market could shift when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalizes its new targets, some industry professionals say. Revised biofuel targets recently proposed by the EPA would reduce standards put in place in 2007. The changes would adjust Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) regulations by reducing volume […] Read more


U.S. EPA strikes deal on biofuel blending targets with oil groups

Washington | Reuters –– Oil refiners who have complained that U.S. federal regulators missed deadlines to issue rules on blending renewable fuels into the nation’s supply of gasoline and diesel fuel are set to get long-awaited targets from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Under a deal the EPA announced Friday with two oil industry groups […] Read more