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Ewe with her two lambs

Consult vet when newborn sheep and goats die

If a common infectious agent is the cause, steps 
can be taken to reduce the risk

Reading Time: < 1 minute Outbreaks of abortions and stillbirths in sheep and goats, and deaths in newborn lambs and kids, can have severe economic impact on a farm’s profitability. With the help of their veterinarian, producers can identify common infectious causes of abortions, stillbirths and deaths in newborn lambs and kids. This will allow the producer to take preventive […] Read more

two men standing with a bull

Sherwood Park man invents new cattle tracker with multiple uses

Wireless rumen bolus can track cattle and other livestock and also 
measure their temperature to predict sickness or fertility cycles

Reading Time: 2 minutes It all started with a simple idea. Neil Helfrich, a Sherwood Park inventor, had a moment of inspiration when his wife brought home a puppy in 2007. The dog had a microchip implant, which identifies the animal but can’t track it if it runs away. A device able to do the latter, Helfrich realized, would […] Read more

Ponoka sheep producer Nathanael Polson is in expansion mode. photo: Supplied

A big bet on Alberta’s lamb sector

The Alberta processor has spent $8.5 million on a new feedlot and plant expansion

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is Alberta’s sheep industry ready for expansion? That’s the debate circulating in livestock circles this fall. On the one hand, there is the bold development of Sungold Meats. On the other is a somewhat cautious group of producers. The Alberta processor is betting two major projects along with pricing incentives will boost production in the […] Read more

Trade mission to Turkey opens doors

Trade mission to Turkey opens doors

Need to upgrade cattle, sheep and goat genetics offers 
opportunities for Alberta companies

Reading Time: 2 minutes A provincial trade mission to Turkey has identified significant opportunities for Alberta in the areas of sheep and goat genetics, live cattle and cattle genetics, pulses, pet food, and agriculture-focused post-secondary education and training. The Alberta delegation included OC Flock Management (a Bowden-based company specializing in small ruminants’ reproductive technologies and genetics), ITS Global (a […] Read more

Gerty Sorensen and husband Albert are sheep producers from Bezanson who have had issues with coyote control.

Lamb producers tallying the cost of coyote predation

Coyotes are classed as pests, and so producers receive no compensation for lost livestock

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s always a nightmare when a sheep producer goes out into the yard and sees that an animal has been ripped apart by predators. “Some years are worse than others,” said Bill Gibson, a sheep producer near Bashaw. “We did lose 25 lambs one year in a short period of time, and that was very […] Read more

two white lambs

New carcass evaluation system key to moving lamb industry forward

An accurate evaluation system would be a basis for providing economic incentives for high quality

Reading Time: 2 minutes A key issue with Canadian lamb is the lack of homogeneity among lamb carcasses, resulting in inconsistent size of meat cuts. This is a challenge for retailers and restaurants as they strive to offer a consistent quality product to their customers. This challenge could be solved, in part, with an improved carcass evaluation system, something […] Read more

a flock of sheep and a herder

Not a baa-d idea: Sheep to replace lawn mowers in Edmonton cemetery

Lawn-munching sheep have become an institution — and tourist attraction — in Fort Saskatchewan

Reading Time: 3 minutes If Brian McDonald’s vision comes to fruition this year, St. Stephen’s Cemetery in north Edmonton will be maintained by four-legged, woolly grass eaters instead of lawn mowers. McDonald, sales manager for the cemetery, wants to use sheep to graze part of the 40-acre burial ground. “We have to do quite a bit of maintenance on […] Read more

Man and woman resting against hay.

Daysland lamb producer reveals her secret for success

Lisa and Troy Greenstein were thinking about hobby farming when they left city life behind, but it’s become much more

Reading Time: 3 minutes Persistence is the key ingredient if you want to get your farm product into grocery stores, say Lisa and Troy Greenstein. “I’m like a dog with a bone — if I get an idea in my head, I don’t let it drop until we get there,” said Lisa. “Two and a half years ago, I […] Read more