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Alberta Lamb Producers forms new group with Ontario and Quebec

The trio, which has three-quarters 
of the national flock, had all quit the 
Canadian Sheep Federation

Sheep farmers in Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec have formed a new partnership called the National Sheep Network. Alberta Lamb Producers, the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency, and Federation des producteurs d’agneaux et moutons du Quebec represent 75 per cent of the ewe-flock in Canada. The new alliance “will leverage the resources of the sheep industries in […] Read more

Province ups feeder loan guarantee fund

The provincial government is increasing its loan guarantee fund to $100 million (from $55 million previously) for cattle and sheep producers buying and feeding livestock for market. The Feeder Association Loan Guarantee Program supports local, producer-run co-operatives in obtaining competitive financing. Feeder association members use the guarantee to secure capital from lending institutions to buy […] Read more

Putting a farmer’s face on food products has become key these days, says lamb producer Nathanael Polson.

New meat products hit the spot for lamb producers

An Alberta processor is putting a face to the farmers behind a new line of lamb products. SunGold Specialty Meats’ Lamb Tonight line of meats began selling at Sobeys, Safeway, and Thrifty Foods stores across Canada earlier this summer. It features 10 ready-to-cook lamb products, including lamb burgers, sausages, meatballs, kabobs, and seasoned ground lamb. […] Read more

Alberta Lamb Producers to quit national federation

The move follows Ontario’s decision to quit, which left the national group representing less than half of Canadian production

Alberta Lamb Producers is pulling out of the Canadian Sheep Federation, saying the national body can “no longer effectively represent the sheep industry.” The move, effective Oct. 20, comes on the heels of the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency’s decision to withdraw its membership. Ontario accounts for 30 per cent of the national flock, followed by […] Read more

Get lambs off to a good start by ensuring their mothers’ nutritional requirements are met.

It’s never too late to feed test

There’s ‘no substitute’ for knowing the precise energy, protein, 
and nutrient content of your feed, says a provincial specialist

If cattle feed supplies are starting to get low and pastures need more time before turning cattle out, a provincial beef extension specialist recommends doing feed tests on remaining feed. “The more you know about what you are working with for feed values, the more accurate you will be targeting the animals’ nutrition and ensuring […] Read more

New sheep parasite medication available this spring

Alberta Lamb Producers is welcoming the imminent arrival of a medication to treat a parasite that infects sheep. “Barber pole worm infection is a significant health issue in many Alberta flocks,” Alberta Lamb Producers (ALP) said in a release. “The parasite can cause heavy mortality and production losses, due to anemia in infected sheep. As […] Read more

If you’re swath grazing, spending a little more to get higher yield will actually lower your costs, says Vern Baron.

Extended grazing saves time and money — if done right

Winter grazing is a simple concept, but the trick is in things like 
good body condition scores in fall and the right grazing sequence

Winter feeding cattle is a matter of using the right tool at the right time, says a federal forage specialist. “Placing grazing methods in sequence is probably going to be the efficient method time after time to reduce risks and costs,” said Vern Baron, a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. “In this day […] Read more

Heated canola seed can work well in rations, but the high fat content means it has to be used sparingly.

Three tips for feeding heated canola seed

Mouldy seed should be tested, it can gum up a mill, and don’t put too much in a ration

When it comes to feeding heated canola seed to ruminant animals such as cattle or sheep, there are a few things to keep in mind. “Canola seed that is heated might be discoloured and have a smell to it, but can still be used,” said provincial beef forage specialist Barry Yaremcio. “If there is a […] Read more

Packed agenda at sheep symposium

The Value of Health is the theme of the Alberta Sheep Symposium on Oct. 15-17 in Red Deer. Among the topics at the biannual conference are managing healthy flocks, improving long-term profitability; benefits from grazing; how sheep behaviour impacts lambing; what impact internal parasites have on health and productivity; how drug resistance will change your […] Read more

Range of byproduct feeds available for sheep

Dry conditions, short supplies of forage, expensive supplements, and tight profit margins have many sheep producers looking for alternate feeds. “Canola or grain screenings, potato waste, grass seed cleanings, or beet pulp are just a few of the byproducts that can be used to feed sheep,” said Susan Hosford, a provincial sheep industry specialist. “Byproduct […] Read more