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More temporary foreign workers needed, says CCA

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association wants the federal government to make changes to the temporary foreign worker program to address the shortage of labour. “Cattle producers and beef processors are struggling to find enough workers, and straining to deal with the impacts of job vacancies on production,” the association said in a recent newsletter. It cites […] Read more

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Worker shortage handicapping ag sector

Plants have jobs but not enough Canadians interested in them

Reading Time: 5 minutes A chronic shortage of workers isn’t just a problem for meat packers, but all of agriculture, say experts. Mark Chambers sees the impact every day at Sunterra Farms, but also knows his experience is being mirrored across the country. “If we can’t get enough labour to produce the value-added products or to expand and grow, […] Read more

Abrupt change in rules for temporary foreign workers is wrong

Thousands of hardworking and dedicated people have been cut adrift because of changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program

Reading Time: 3 minutes In Alberta, the shortage of workers is so critical that experts estimate the province will be 96,000 persons short by 2023. With unemployment at 4.7 per cent (and well under four per cent per cent in some regions), the situation is warrants attention. At that rate Alberta dips into a demographic that should not be […] Read more

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Déjà vu all over again at Alberta’s largest meat-packing plants

Food processors hit hard by recent changes to the temporary foreign worker program

Reading Time: 2 minutes How will recent changes to the temporary foreign worker program impact agriculture’s ability to compete for labour? Paul Wannet, human resources manager for Cargill Meats in High River, knows — and he’s been through it before. The situation was dire for Alberta’s largest meat-packing plant in 2007 when the temporary foreign worker program renewal came […] Read more