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In times of hardship, take time to consider all of your riches

The love of your children, support of family and friends, 
and faith are priceless treasures to be cherished

I am admiring the picture on the cover of Alexander McCall Smith’s book The Full Cupboard of Life. His fictitious stories from Botswana are an easy and humorous read. The cupboard referred to is typical; containing four plates and four cups, two bowls, a couple of pots, a little cooking oil, and a teapot. That’s […] Read more

Boy (3-5) eating ice cream, close-up, other children in background

Small indulgences — the experience of food can be priceless

In the food business, less can be more if you understand your 
customer and the emotional side of food buying

I remember a story from years ago about a family-owned ice-cream shop in a small town. Folks came from long distances for ice cream because it was so delicious. Yet, the customer had one constant complaint — there was too much ice cream in the cone! The owners of that shop decided to listen to […] Read more

bison 3-GNcmyk.jpg

Looking for an opportunity in livestock? Bison have a lot to offer

This mighty Prairie ruminant is the complete package when it comes to meeting demand for grass-fed, all-natural meat that comes with a great story

One of the most interesting animals in North America is bison. A ruminant that used to wander our Prairies in the millions has been reduced to around 500,000 head, many in pens on farms. Rugged and remarkable, these ‘knowledge keepers’ have much to teach us about nature itself. Bison love space and they travel as […] Read more


New Crop Missions deliver many benefits

The unique collaboration between the grain commission, Cigi, and farmers is more than just a marketing effort

The Canadian cereals industry is united in reaching out to international customers. The 2016 Canadian Wheat New Crop Missions sessions kicked off on Nov. 10 with a seminar for Canadian millers, the largest buyer of Canadian wheat. By the time the missions are over later this month, they will have reached customers in 17 countries in […] Read more

The lure of free land is drawing in a new type of homesteader

There is no shortage of young people wanting to be farmers, and some communities are tapping into that with offers of free or cheap land

Homesteaders. They came on the promise of free land. They stayed because they could not afford to turn back and root by root created the origin of the western agricultural world. The era of horses and pickaxes seems like a long time ago, but the reality is that free land is still very real in […] Read more

Better credit risk, smaller loan

It’s not just that women get turned down for loans more often, 
but that too many aren’t getting a proper financial education

In 2014, I published a detailed report on the development of mentorship programs for women in agriculture from a global perspective. This report (which can be found at has since given flight to a number of global study topics with other Nuffield Scholars. Recently, a report in Alberta published by the Agriculture & Food […] Read more

There is truth in old sayings, and value in flipping them around

We should challenge ourselves by welcoming other perspectives, 
questioning conventional wisdom, and encouraging diversity

This is column number 200 and that is a reason to celebrate. To kick off the party, let’s put a twist in some old sayings and look at the importance of our story. If you farmed today… You have heard it before — ‘If you ate today, thank a farmer’ — and that pretty much […] Read more

Travel exposes you to foods you never imagined existed

World cuisine is incredibly varied, and sometimes it takes 
an iron stomach to avoid offending your hosts

The inflight magazine in front of me was titled “The Taste of Travel.” I started to laugh because not all experiences when travelling leave a good taste in your mouth. There were some that were particularly challenging and good manners dictate that one never offends the host by passing on a dish. The setting was […] Read more

She is not lost – she is beginning

It was never meant to be this way, but now there is a need to reflect on the past, make peace with the present, and look towards the future

She sits at the old kitchen table — a cold cup of coffee in her hands. The room glows with soft morning light on the papered walls of the home she has come to love. Her heart aches for it seems impossible that she should lose or leave this sanctuary — this place she has […] Read more

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