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Moisture and grain temperature when it hits the bin are the two key factors to watch for.

Stay in the green to reduce risk of grain spoilage

Late tillers might have upped moisture in your wheat and barley, says agronomist

Reading Time: 2 minutes Your cereals might have a higher moisture content than you might expect after a very dry summer, says an agronomist with Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley. “After a dry early and mid-season, late tillers have emerged due to the later summer rains,” Jeremy Boychyn wrote in his Growing Point blog earlier this month ( “These […] Read more

It’s way more profitable to ship containers back to China empty, says the vice-president of WTC Group, which has two West Coast container
terminals, including this one in Delta, B.C.

Backhaul gets the heave-ho in red-hot shipping container market

Container shipping in a mess, not expected to restore itself at least until 2022

Reading Time: 4 minutes The shipping container mess created by the pandemic will likely last until at least 2022, says the vice-president of a West Coast container transloading company. “Steamship lines across the globe are all playing catch-up with the import movements from across Asia and North America,” said Jordan Atkins, vice-president of WTC Group in New Westminster, B.C. […] Read more

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Hot weather cuts into Canadian mustard crop

Price increases already noted

MarketsFarm — Canada is looking at another small mustard crop in 2021, which should keep prices well supported for any unpriced crop, as recent heat stress cut into yields. “That was a very rough week,” said Walter Dyck, the Alberta-based general manager with Wisconsin mustard-processor Olds Products, on the late June/early July heat wave that […] Read more

Root rot on peas — severe infestations can cut yields by 70 per cent while aphanomyces spores can linger in the soil for years.

Aphanomyces could become the new clubroot

Researcher recommends pea and lentil growers consider a seven-year break between crops

Reading Time: 5 minutes If not managed correctly, aphanomyces could be the next clubroot. And since longer rotations are the only effective management tool, pulse growers battling the soil-borne pathogen that causes root rot in peas and lentils could be facing a big-time reshuffling of what they grow. “Our recommendation now is to think about going one in eight […] Read more

A Halictus bee on an aster. This is an example of the native bees that live in Alberta and thrive on diverse plant species.

Native pollinators want to be your buddies

Some simple things can make your land more attractive to pollinators

Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s no denying that native pollinators are important — and there are things you can do to encourage these keystone species to come live on your land. Native pollinators are critical for forages and crops, agroforestry specialist Luke Wonneck said during a recent Foothills Forage and Grazing Association webinar. “Pollination is plant sex. Because plants […] Read more

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Mustard growers face decision time

AAFC projects more acres in 2021-22

MarketsFarm — For Canadian mustard seed growers, next month will be crucial in learning whether seeding predictions from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada come to fruition. Current mustard seed prices, though, seem to support a rise in the number of acres this coming crop year. Canadian farmers in 2020 grew 99,000 tonnes of mustard seed, the […] Read more

Zero in on a specific goal when intercropping so you can measure progress over time, and “learn from the failures,” says researcher Yvonne Lawley.

Intercropping can be a win win for mixed operations

The practice comes with a learning curve, but can increase grazing options while boosting soil health

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is a lot of buzz in beef and forage production systems around the concepts of sustainability and soil health, and the numerous different production practices that can support those ideas. Intercropping is one strategy that can improve efficiency and soil health. Manitoba producer Alan Mac­Kenzie considers intercropping to be two crops that are grown […] Read more