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Alberta harvest progress behind in all regions

Alberta Crop Report: Conditions as of September 23

Accumulated precipitation in September has been varied across the province, from less than 20 mm in the eastern parts of the North West Region, western parts of the North East Region and central parts of the Peace Region, to upward of 30 mm in most areas in the Southern and Central Regions, and up to […] Read more

Harvest restarts in Alberta, late progress seen in all regions

Alberta Crop Report: Conditions as of September 17

Harvest operations have resumed in most parts of the province, thanks to warmer and windy conditions. However, progress has been slow, due to some shower activities bringing from less than one mm of rain in the eastern and southern parts of the province to upwards of 30 mm in some areas in the Peace Region. […] Read more

Wet weather slows harvest progress across Alberta

Alberta Crop Report: Conditions as of September 10

Wet weather late last week has slowed down harvesting in most areas across the province and particularly in the North East and North West Regions. Precipitation has been variable, ranging from less than 5 mm in some parts of the Peace Region, to 30-40 mm in the North East and more than 40 mm in […] Read more

Saskatchewan mustard crop poised for strong finish

MarketsFarm — Mustard crops in southwestern and south-central Saskatchewan may have received enough rain to turn themselves around after a dry spring. “The area south of Highway 1 saw a lot of rain this year,” said Kevin Hursh, executive director of the Saskatchewan Mustard Development Commission. “They’ve seen a huge turnaround in their crop potentials.” […] Read more

Crop development varies across Alberta

Alberta Crop Report: Conditions as of July 16

Cooler than normal temperatures have prevailed in the past month across most of Alberta resulting in a slight setback of approximately a week for many fields. Combined with the dry conditions throughout the South, East and Peace regions and higher than normal precipitation along the foothills and North West region, the crop conditions and staging […] Read more

Crop conditions creep near five-year average, soil moisture levels still a concern

Alberta Crop Report: Conditions as of June 25

Following a dry spring, most parts of the province have received at least 80 mm of precipitation over June and experienced a wetter weather pattern, with some fields receiving significantly more rain through thunderstorm activities. However, southern parts of Alberta remained dry and in need of rain. Moisture stress in the northern half of the […] Read more

Seeding in Alberta complete, forage growers struggle with dry weather

Alberta Crop Report: Conditions as of June 11

With the exception of a few feed crops, seeding is essentially finished in Alberta. Producers are actively spraying and scouting fields. Areas of concern vary from smoke and frost in the north to flea beetles and cutworms in other pockets of the province. In the week ending June 11 there were rainfall events providing 15 […] Read more