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Battling world hunger by increasing global production?

“The data from the last 30 years suggests that while we need to continue to increase agricultural productivity, we have been producing enough calories to meet the needs of the world.” At the time of the World Food Conference in 1974, over 800 million people out of a world population of 4.2 billion people were […] Read more

Increased Production And Exports Don’t Solve Hunger

Beginning with the 1972 crop, increasing exports began to create the expectation of an era of export-led prosperity for U. S. farmers. They began to believe that they had a responsibility to increase production and exports so that the hungry of the world could be fed. At the time of the World Food Conference in […] Read more

Livestock Exports On The Horizon —Oasis Or Mirage?

To us there is a disconnect between agricultural export expectations in this country – particularly with regard to meats – and the stated intentions and market actions of China and Russia, the very countries being touted as U. S. agriculture’s export saviours. National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) vice-president Nick Giordano reportedly told the recent Minnesota […] Read more

Farmers are better off with stable prices

If Daewoo Logistics produces it and ships it on Daewoo vessels back to Korea where Daewoo sells it, it never really enters into world trade. The steep ramp-up of grain and oilseed prices over a couple of years only to drop by one-half in a matter of a three or four months has been extremely […] Read more