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Post-monopoly reflections on the new age of grain marketing

OK so far Just how accurate were those horror stories about grain marketing post-CWB monopoly?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Much has been written about how farmers will market their grains in the post-single-desk world. Horror stories abound about how the grain companies won’t take the CWB contracts until they have filled their own, pools won’t reflect fair market prices, and farmers won’t have the expertise to market in the new climate. Now that we […] Read more

Magic-bullet solutions only last so long

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’ve all done it. Pushed our crop rotations, that is. You know that field had canola on it two years ago, but the seed you have already purchased, the fertilizer you applied last fall, or the delivery contract you already signed all make us do things that we know are not in our best agronomic […] Read more

Shadow Boxing With The Future

Reading Time: 3 minutes The last federal throne speech made it perfectly clear. The sabres are rattling and the attack on the Canadian Wheat Board is back in the limelight. Farm groups on both sides of the debate will be polishing their well-rehearsed rhetoric and the lawyers will be handing out business cards at the courtroom door. It’s time […] Read more

Sleight-Of-Hand Tricks On Analyzing Prairie Feed Values

Reading Time: 3 minutes All of this would make sense except for some small overlooked details. The dog days of summer are upon us, and with the last remnants of the small-town fairs still in the air, we’re left with fond memories of the circus clowns and second-rate magicians. Disappearing people, never-ending hankies, magic wands that go limp, and […] Read more