Harvest loss: An app and Top 10 tips

Harvest loss: An app and Top 10 tips
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Here are two resources for calculating and reducing harvest loss.

The Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association has created a free app — SSCA Harvest Loss Calculator — for iPhones and iPads. The tool allows the user to enter the amount of seed in a sampling area of known size, either in weight, volume, or kernel number. The cutting width and sieve width are entered to determine the concentration factor. The app uses bushel or seed weight to calculate losses. These can be expressed in total loss (pounds/acre or bushels/acre), as a percentage of yield, or as a cost.

To get the app, Google ‘SSCA Harvest Loss Calculator.’

Canola Watch has a Top 10 list for reducing losses, including information on chaffer and sieve settings, fan speed, and over- and underthreshing. The list can be found at canolawatch.org.

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