Drought cuts into Australian chickpea prospects

Drought cuts into Australian chickpea prospects

CNS Canada – Expectations for Australia’s chickpea crop have been drastically cut to one-third of last year’s production.

The dry growing season will limit the crop’s potential this year to about 300,000 tonnes, according to a report from Pulse Australia.

Nick Goddard, chief executive officer of Pulse Australia, told a local news outlet that important growing areas in the states of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland hit by drought will see about 220,000 tonnes of desi chickpeas and about 80,000 tonnes of kabuli.

Key kabuli-producing regions of South and Western Australia are also going through extreme dry conditions, he said.

Central Queensland regions may yet manage to salvage some crop, according to Goddard, thanks to stored subsoil moisture and early-season rainfall.

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