Albertans urged to squeal on wild pigs

A large male wild boar — which can top 600 pounds — in a rare daytime photo. They tend to be nocturnal.

Anyone spotting wild boars is asked to report the sighting to the Alberta Invasive Species Council, which has launched a campaign called Squeal on Pigs.

Anyone who sees the wild pigs or comes across damage they have caused is urged to either call 310-FARM, email [email protected], or use the EDDMaps app (Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System).

Wild boars are listed under the Agricultural Pests Act, which requires landowners to prevent them from becoming established on their property. However, hunting doesn’t work at it tends to scatter a sounder (group) of wild pigs.

Wild boars can start breeding as young as five months and have litters of up to six piglets.

In addition to learning how to identify tracks and droppings, rural landowners should watch for hair on barbed wire and signs of digging/rooting.

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