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A large male wild boar — which can top 600 pounds — in a rare daytime photo. They tend to be nocturnal.

Albertans urged to squeal on wild pigs

Reading Time: < 1 minute Anyone spotting wild boars is asked to report the sighting to the Alberta Invasive Species Council, which has launched a campaign called Squeal on Pigs. Anyone who sees the wild pigs or comes across damage they have caused is urged to either call 310-FARM, email [email protected], or use the EDDMaps app (Early Detection and Distribution […] Read more

A large male wild boar — which can top 600 pounds — in a rare daytime photo. The animals tend to be nocturnal.

Wild pigs a growing problem not many seem to care about

Alberta is the only province with a control strategy — but it’s still in the pilot program phase

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since their numbers are unknown and the wily animals are rarely spotted, it’s been easy to ignore the problem of wild pigs. But given their potential to spread disease, that’s a mistake, says the country’s leading — and pretty much only — expert on wild boars. The animals — whose population has mushroomed in the […] Read more

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USDA analyzing effects of wild pigs on crops, livestock

Chicago | Reuters –– The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said Friday it has started analyzing for the first time data it has collected on the impact that wild pigs have on U.S. farmers’ crop and livestock operations. It is estimated by federal and state agricultural officials that there are more than five million wild […] Read more