Beef marketers earn certification

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Prairie Heritage Producers has become the first company in Canada certified by the Food Alliance.

Prairie Heritage is a co-operative of 20 family ranches managing approximately 250,000 acres in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Its beef is available for retail sale in Alberta and British Columbia.

The certification standards include safe and fair working conditions, healthy and humane treatment of animals, reduction of pesticide use and toxicity, soil and water conservation and protection of wildlife habitat.

The standards do not permit the use of hormone treatments or non-therapeutic antibiotics, or use of genetically modified crops or livestock.

“With Food Alliance certification, Prairie Heritage Producers is offering our customers traceability, transparency and accountability. There are no secrets,” Prairie Heritage founder Christoph Weder said in a release. “You know where the beef comes from. You know how it was raised. And you know the names of the ranchers.”

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