Crop pest survey tools up and running

Diamondback moths typically arrive in early spring after being carried by wind currents from the U.S. or even northern Mexico. Their larvae will feed on canola and mustard.
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The Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network has “live feed maps” up and running for the province. The maps show results from traps around the province set up and overseen by co-operator farmers. As co-operators post results from the traps, they are posted immediately to the map.

The five insects covered by these maps are bertha army worm, cabbage seedpod weevil, cutworm, diamondback moth, and wheat midge. The maps have colour-coded pins indicating the infestation risk level (from low to severe).

The website of the pest monitoring network (which can be found by going to and searching for ‘pest monitoring’) also has insect survey and forecast maps for six pests, videos on scouting and trapping, and information on invasive species.

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