Explaining agriculture — one sign at a time

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Consumer interest in how food is produced is at an all-time high — but most people don’t really know what they’re looking at when driving through farm country.

But Agriculture for Life has come up with an innovative campaign called ‘What’s in the Field?’ to address that.

The idea is simple: Producers register on the Ag for Life website; request signs; and say what they want printed on each (such as ‘Canola’ or ‘Limousin cattle’). The large signs (about 10 feet wide), will then be sent by courier or mail to the farm. (There is no fee, but producers have to supply their own stakes.)

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“‘The What’s in the Field’ campaign gives Albertans the opportunity to learn and understand where their food comes from, while at the same time giving producers the opportunity to work together to showcase the industry and their crops or livestock,” said Ag for Life CEO Luree Williamson.

Ag for Life plans to make this an annual campaign running from July to October, and Williamson predicted it will be a hit, especially with families.

“Great games of ‘guess that crop/breed’ will now have answers,” said Williamson.

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