Video offers ranchers’ side of the environmental story

Most of Antelope Butte Ranch is native grassland and protecting it is the top priority, Hugh Lynch-Staunton says in a new video on environmental sustainability in the cattle sector.
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Alberta’s Kelly Hall and Hugh Lynch-Staunton are among the ranchers featured in a new video on environmental sustainability from the Beef Cattle Research Council.

“What beef producers need to know about environmental footprint” offers both a cinematic look at Canadian cattle production and the sector’s response to its critics.

Hall, Lynch-Staunton, and three Ontario cattle producers talk about what they do on their operations to protect or enhance the environment.

“Healthy food is raised on healthy land,” Hall says in the video.

For Hall and husband Glen that includes rotational grazing and off-site watering at Timber Ridge Land and Cattle.

“Does it create some challenges? Absolutely,” she says. “Does it cost money? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Absolutely.”

“We live off this land,” Lynch-Staunton says in a portion of the video featuring panoramic shots of Antelope Butte Ranch. “And if we destroy it, it destroys our living and ourselves.”

The seven-minute-long video can be found at YouTube by searching for ‘beef producers footprint.’ Those search terms will also bring up videos that are critical of beef production.

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