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These animals will weigh less at the end of their journey. But how much weight they lose will depend on how they were treated.

You need to think about shrink long before the transport truck arrives

Training your cattle to stay calm and properly preparing them for the stress of transport pays big dividends

Reading Time: 4 minutes Practising low-stress handling techniques has its benefits — it may actually help reduce shrink during transportation. “It’s about how we set animals up to interact with humans — any time you interact with them you’re training them how to respond and what to expect from humans,” said Christy Goldhawk who did her doctorate work on […] Read more

Learn agri-tourism from the best

Learn agri-tourism from the best

Workshop at the Lethbridge Agriculture Centre on Feb. 28

Reading Time: < 1 minute Two of Canada’s best-known agri-tourism operators will give a workshop on Feb. 28 at the Lethbridge Agriculture Centre. Mark Saunders and Angela Grant Saunders started a U-pick strawberry patch at their farm near Ottawa in the mid-1970s and now have activities ranging from mazes and attractions for kids to weddings and dinners. “Saunders Farm has […] Read more

Field of ripening intermediate wheatgrass at The Land Institute’s research farm in Salina, Kansas on July 30, 2008.

Perennial grain: It’s two — yes, two — crops in one

It’s been a decades’ 
long search, but researchers believe the finish line is in sight for a crop that can be both grazed and then harvested for its grain

Reading Time: 4 minutes As concerns grow over sustainability in modern farming, researchers are looking to the past in search of crops that can both meet the needs of farmers and consumers as well as the environment. Thinopyrum intermedium — commonly known as intermediate wheatgrass — is one of the fruits of that research. It’s been nearly three decades […] Read more

Albertans a big part of beef researcher mentorship project

Albertans a big part of beef researcher mentorship project

Program connects up-and-coming applied researchers with beef sector

Reading Time: 2 minutes Several Albertans will be playing a key role in a Beef Cattle Research Council initiative that connects up-and-coming applied researchers with players in the beef sector. Four beef scientists were selected from applicants across the country for the 2015-16 edition of the Beef Researcher Mentorship Program, which had a successful pilot phase in 2014-15. Each is […] Read more

A fistulated cow.

Feeding wheat to cattle without causing acidosis

Lethbridge Research Centre finds feed wheat can make up half of a ration if specific management techniques are used

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most feed wheat in North America goes into poultry or swine as rations, as feedlot operations are reluctant to use large quantities because wheat ferments considerably more rapidly in the rumen than corn or barley. This increases the risk of ruminal acidosis, which can compromise the well-being and productivity of cattle. But new research from […] Read more