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The ag industry has become a lot safer in recent decades, but farm accidents are still occurring in numbers that demand our attention.

Opinion: You say safety is a priority, but the stats tell a different story

Farm accidents will spike in these hectic and stressful months so please give safety more attention

Reading Time: 2 minutes I am sure I am not alone in saying that COVID-19 has dominated my thoughts, conversations, plans, work and social life for the past year. We all hoped we would have moved past this point by now — and while we are getting closer, we are not there yet. With all the (rightful) attention being […] Read more

This is one of seven ‘quick start’ safety guides available from AgSafe Alberta. The short guides offer practical first steps for reducing safety risks on a farm.

Take it personally — and make a commitment, says farm safety expert

Don’t practise on-farm safety because the government says so — do it for yourself and your family

Reading Time: 3 minutes Working safely on the farm is like getting ready to jump out of an airplane. You can’t afford to pack your parachute right only some of the time — you have to do it right every time. That line of thinking is the same producers should be using in their safety procedures every day, safety […] Read more

Keep it relaxed — practise low-stress cattle handling to stay safe

Keep it relaxed — practise low-stress cattle handling to stay safe

You might think you know the risks, but complacency is your enemy during this busy season

Reading Time: 2 minutes As we head into another busy time of year for cattle producers and handlers, it’s good to stop and think about all the increased risks we face over the next couple of months. Fall is a dangerous time because there is a lot more movement, as ranchers are bringing in cows and calves that haven’t […] Read more

It’s human nature to think ‘it will never happen to me.’

Opinion: Don’t kid yourself — the odds of an accident on your farm are high

There were more than 20,000 farm accidents here last year

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the major contributors to farm accidents is stress. And so we at AgSafe Alberta are worried right now. Not only has this been an unusually stressful year for farmers, we are also now heading into one of the busiest and intense periods for grain farms — harvest. It is human nature to operate […] Read more

Extra care is needed when using equipment this season to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Add COVID-19 to your safety plan for spring seeding

More cleaning and less sharing of equipment are sensible moves these days

Reading Time: 2 minutes Plan how to stay safe while seeding during COVID-19. Start, of course, by minimizing contact, said Jody Wacowich, executive director of AgSafe Alberta. “If you have a large group, maybe have them come at different points during the morning, so they’re not all together,” she said. But having safety conversations, in one form or another, […] Read more

Family farms remain exempt from OHS requirements, but farmers are encouraged to consider implementing safety on their farms.

Opinion: What does Alberta’s Farm Freedom and Safety Act mean for you?

Insurance, employment standards and OHS compliance are three areas producers need to consider

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farmers, we get it. Whenever a new agriculture-specific bill is adopted, you rightfully ask, ‘How does this apply to me?’ Rarely are there easy answers, especially when they come in the form of legislation that is long, wordy, and, let’s be honest, not that fun of a read. A recent example of this is the […] Read more

Workplace hotline now available for Alberta producers

Workplace hotline now available for Alberta producers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta producers can now get immediate support if there’s a workplace safety incident on their farm or ranch. AgSafe Alberta, an industry-led collaboration of farm groups, has set up and will operate a hotline that farmers can call at any time. The number is 1-833-9AG-SAFE (1-833-924-7233). “This hotline is available 24-7, year round and all […] Read more

With 67,000 acres to harvest, as well as a feedlot, time is always in short supply at Serfas Farms. But “unless we’re really, really, really late in the season, we won’t go two straight weekends in a row,” said Kevin Serfas. “It just doesn’t make any sense (to) burn the guys out.”

You’re only human — but are you willing to admit it?

The odds of an accident during the gruelling harvest season go up sharply if you don’t take these safety precautions

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you getting worn down by the harvest grind? If you didn’t answer ‘yes’ to that question, then you’re either not being honest or you’re missing the signs of fatigue. “It’s not a badge of honour to say how long and how hard and how many days it’s been since you’ve taken a holiday,” said […] Read more