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Kevin Serfas and Robert Semeniuk new canola and pulse chairs

Kevin Serfas and Robert Semeniuk new canola and pulse chairs

Three of the big four crop commissions have new leaders following recent annual general meetings

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some familiar faces have departed the leadership ranks of Alberta crop commission but some equally well-known ones — as well as some newcomers — are taking on leadership roles. Turin-area producer Kevin Serfas is the new chair of Alberta Canola. He takes over from John Guelly, who has been a director for Region 5 for […] Read more

Bulk pulses are still a mainstay in India but Greg Stamp says there’s also a growing demand for packaged pulse products, such as these ones on display at a food conference in Dubai.

Where are the pulses? India has own take on fast food

Alberta producer sees opportunities in the changing marketplace of India and other pulse-buying countries

Reading Time: 4 minutes Enchant seed grower Greg Stamp was expecting the unusual when he travelled to India last month. That proved to be the case, but not always in ways he expected. For example, he learned the fast-food market in India grew by 18 per cent last year. “That was a huge number. I was surprised,” said Stamp, […] Read more

Pulses are being used as ingredients in a growing list of products — from pasta to pet foods — and that has experts predicting acreage of peas, lentils, and other pulses will rise sharply over the longer term.

Give peas a chance — the future looks bright

Acreage may plummet in the coming year, but the new processing plants 
are laying the foundation for a surge in production

Reading Time: 5 minutes Here’s some counterintuitive advice: Think about growing peas in 2018. That’s a suggestion from Alan Hall, who has kept a close watch on the pulse sector in his role as ‘new initiatives and project hunter’ with the Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund. As such, Hall is well aware of the recent plunge in pea prices, […] Read more

Peace Country producer Caroline Sekulic said mixing with hundreds of international pulse traders, buyers, and sellers convinced her that there’s a very bright future for her crops.

It’s a great time to be a pulse grower

Five Alberta farmers attending the world’s biggest pulse event get an up-close look at the red-hot market for pulses

Reading Time: 3 minutes Caroline Sekulic just got back from the biggest pulse convention in the world — and she has a message for Alberta farmers. “We have to stay competitive and we have to keep on it with our market access initiatives,” said the Peace Country farmer, who was one of five Alberta pulse growers at the conference […] Read more

Concerned about the upcoming phase-out of Imidacloprid?

Concerned about the upcoming phase-out of Imidacloprid?

Health Canada plans to ban the neonicotinoid in three to five years, but is first consulting farm groups and growers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Neonicotinoids could be harmful to aquatic insects — and that has sealed the fate for one version of the pesticide. Following a review, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has proposed phasing out Imidacloprid over the next three to five years. “Our re-evaluation found no risk for human health,” said Scott Kirby, director general […] Read more

Blair Roth (centre) with Alberta Pulse Growers past chair Allison Ammeter and Richard Pepneck, chair of the advisory board for Zone 1, which nominated Roth for the Alberta Pulse Industry Innovator Award.

Blair Roth wins pulse innovator award

Reading Time: < 1 minute Blair Roth is the winner of the third annual Alberta Pulse Industry Innovator Award. While working at Alberta Agriculture in the 1980s, Roth ran field-scale demonstrations for early soybean, lupin, fababean, chickpea, bean, pea and lentil crops. He helped establish the Alberta Pulse Growers Association and its transition to the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission in […] Read more

Nominees sought for Pulse Industry Innovator Award

Deadline for nominations is Dec. 8

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Alberta Pulse Growers Commission is seeking nominees for its third annual Alberta Pulse Industry Innovator Award. An industry innovator is a person who has worked to help nurture and shape the pulse industry and contributed to the success of the industry as it is today. Innovators have contributed to the industry in one or […] Read more

FarmSafety seminar

FarmSafe workshops in March

Producers can register by visiting crop commission websites

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Alberta Wheat Commission, Alberta Barley, Alberta Canola Producers Commission and Alberta Pulse Growers Commission will host a series of FarmSafe workshops throughout Alberta this March. The free, one-day workshops will provide training and educational manuals to help farmers develop a complete health and safety management system tailored to their unique operation. “These FarmSafe workshops […] Read more