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About 100 animals were saved from this barn fire (believed to be caused by an electrical short) in southern Ontario in December 2018, but another 1,300 pigs perished. Statistics on the number of barn fires, animals lost, and causes are hard to come by in much of Canada, but these “horrific” blazes are far too common, says Humane Society International/Canada.

Barn fires underreported — and far too common, says humane society

Most provinces, including Alberta, lack accurate stats, and that’s part of the problem, says official

Reading Time: 3 minutes Even animal death in a barn fire is one too many. But at first glance, it would seem Alberta has a reasonably good handle on them. A recent study found that during a five-year period (2015-19), Quebec had 141 barn fires and Ontario 121 — but there were just eight barn fires in Alberta. The […] Read more

New guide for transporting cull cows

New guide for transporting cull cows

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Milk has a new guide for assessing if a cull cow can be shipped. “Regardless of whose care the animal may pass through, it is ultimately the producer who is held accountable should one of their animals be deemed to have been transported inappropriately,” the organization said in its most recent monthly newsletter. One […] Read more

A new online program offers videos structured around the code of practice for the care and handling of horses.

New online training program for horse caregivers

The videos cover sections of the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada has launched an online training program in an effort to increase awareness around nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of equines. “This new video series provides a timely refresher about management and welfare practices for the animals in our care,” said project coordinator Mikki Shatosky. “Be it […] Read more

File photo of a truck and stock trailer on a Canadian roadway. (Ben185/iStock/Getty Images)

Animal welfare activist dies outside Ontario pork plant

Protestor reportedly hit by transport truck

An animal welfare activist has died while attending what’s been described as a “vigil” outside a southern Ontario hog packing plant, as new provincial limits on such activity around livestock are set to take effect. Halton Regional Police Service reported receiving a call Friday morning that a person had been “struck by a transport truck” […] Read more

With shelters having a limited ability to take in animals during the pandemic, Alberta SPCA has launched a program to help rural owners who are having trouble feeding their animals.

SPCA helping Alberta’s rural residents feed their animals

‘Help for Animals’ is aimed at providing food for horses, livestock and pets so owners can keep them on their property

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta’s SPCA has launched a campaign to help animal owners who may be running low on feed because of the pandemic. “The program is designed to help people keep their animals on their property,” said Dan Kobe, communications manager for the Alberta Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals. “We don’t expect we’ll hear from […] Read more

Three livestock care champions receive awards

Reading Time: < 1 minute Three champions of farm animal care in Alberta were recognized with Awards of Distinction at the recent Livestock Care Conference. The awards, given by Alberta Farm Animal Care, recognize individuals or groups who have made exceptional contributions in the field of livestock welfare. The recipients were Barbara Duckworth (communications), Rich Vesta (industry leadership), and Gateway […] Read more

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Ontario offers cash for abattoir upgrades

Applications now being accepted through April

Ontario’s 123 provincially-licensed abattoirs can now start applying for a piece of $2 million in federal/provincial funding to step up food safety, biosecurity and animal welfare measures. The Ontario and federal governments on Wednesday announced applications for cost-share funding can be submitted between now and April 30, “as long as funding for the initiative is […] Read more

Animal care award nominations sought

Animal care award nominations sought

Reading Time: < 1 minute Nominations are open for the Alberta Farm Animal Care awards of distinction, which recognize individuals or groups who have made exceptional contributions in the field of livestock welfare. There are three award categories: communication, leadership and innovation. For more information (including past winners) and nomination forms, go to