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Higher U.S. beef prices ahead as grills fire up, imports cool down

Chicago/Wellington | Reuters –– Record-high U.S. beef prices will likely climb even higher this summer just as Australia and New Zealand imports dwindle under an extended drought in those countries and demand for steaks in the U.S. rises. Both countries were among the top three exporters of beef to the U.S. last year as New […] Read more

The campaign to whitewash farm and ranch vocabulary

The campaign to whitewash farm and ranch vocabulary

Cargill is apparently no longer in the business of ‘slaughtering’ cattle

Reading Time: 2 minutes Farmers and ranchers have a well-deserved reputation for straight talk. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say, after all, were essential elements in the handshake deals that were the hallmark of rural business for generations. They still are. Now, however, some folks outside the nation’s fields and fences are working overtime to wash […] Read more