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General Mills recalls 1.8M boxes of gluten-free Cheerios

Reuters — General Mills is recalling 1.8 million boxes of gluten-free Cheerios cereal because they may contain wheat, which can cause adverse reactions in people with gluten allergies. The company said Monday it was recalling the original and honey nut-flavoured varieties of Cheerios produced on certain days at its Lodi, California facility, saying wheat flour […] Read more

University of Alberta researcher Hoon Sunwoo has 
developed a pill that allows celiac sufferers to ingest gluten.

Pill allows celiac sufferers to ingest gluten

A decade of work at the University of Alberta has created a pill made from antibodies in chicken yolks that binds gluten

Celiac sufferers may soon be able to have their cake and eat it too. University of Alberta researchers have created a pill that uses natural antibodies in chicken yolk to prevent celiac sufferers from reacting to gluten. The natural supplement prevents the absorption of giladin, a component of gluten that people with celiac disease are […] Read more

Gluten-free claim allowed on some oat products

Celiac sufferers needing foods free of gluten will now be able to get certain oat products with a “gluten-free” claim. Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose on Friday announced the allowed claim for oat products that are produced and processed to avoid cross-contamination by gluten from other cereals’ grains and products. Celiac disease, a hereditary condition, […] Read more

Christine Lowry, nutrition and policy analyst and registered dietitian, spoke about the 
benefits of grains at FarmTech 2014.

Science-based organization fights anti-wheat hysteria

‘Wheat belly’ and gluten-free diets are all the rage, and a new bestseller recommends 
cutting carbs to ward off dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression

What do you say to someone who has read the bestseller Wheat Belly and believes wheat is the new evil? Stick to the facts, says Christine Lowry, a dietitian and policy analyst with the Healthy Grains Institute — a year-old organization set up “to dispel myths around whole grains.” “We’re really making sure that we’re […] Read more