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Tax return storage at the Canada Revenue Agency. (

Ottawa scraps plans for new limits on capital gains

The federal finance ministry has backed away from proposed plans for new limits on capital gains exemptions, over concerns of “unintended consequences” for businesses such as farms. Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Thursday announced the federal government “will not be moving forward with measures that would limit access to the LCGE (lifetime capital gains exemption),” […] Read more

Finance Minister Bill Morneau, shown here at a Hunter River, P.E.I. farm in July, proposes a major overhaul to Canada’s tax code affecting private corporations. (

Farm groups line up against feds’ tax proposal

National, regional and sector farm groups are forming up with several major business associations on the offensive against a proposal to reform how incorporated businesses are taxed in Canada. The federal finance department tabled a series of proposals July 18, opening them for public comment until Oct. 2 for a proposed effective date of Jan. […] Read more

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau is proposing changes to “level the playing field” by changing income tax rules that allow some to avoid tax through “fancy accounting schemes.” But Alberta farm business experts say they will have a big impact on farmers.

Proposed tax changes could hit farmers hard

Ottawa’s plan to make wealthy Canadians pay their fair share of taxes could cripple your retirement or succession plans

Reading Time: 4 minutes Proposed changes to the federal income tax act could have far-reaching consequences for Canadian farmers. “The proposals that came out in July are so wide reaching and so complicated that they could significantly impact all farms across Canada,” said Allan Sawiak, a taxation partner at accounting firm Kingston Ross Pasnak in Edmonton. “This will affect […] Read more

North Dakota’s Legislative Assembly in 2014. (

North Dakotans put ‘corporate’ farming to vote

Reuters — North Dakotans are voting Tuesday in a referendum to repeal a law enacted last year that changed decades of family-farming rules in the state by allowing corporations to own and operate dairy and hog farms. The North Dakota Farmers Union and other groups that collected signatures to put the referendum on the ballot […] Read more

businessman walking in the city

Things have changed in the boardroom of big corporations

Consumers are voting with their wallets, and big companies 
understand they need to move quickly when issues arise

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are farm, environmental and consumer groups that advocate the elimination of the corporate agenda. They say corporations drive the family farm to ruin, destroy the air that we breathe, and force consumerism at the expense of human rights. In Canada, 98 per cent of farms are family farms and of the 200,000 farms in […] Read more