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The world has an eating problem — and farming is the solution

Whether it’s obesity or malnutrition, Canadian farmers have an amazing opportunity to be agents of change

“As a farming community we should be the epitome of health.” That was the closing remark of one of the speakers at the Nuffield Triennial Farming Conference in southern England earlier this summer. The speaker had been talking about obesity and food-related health issues, and how farmers could be a solution to this serious problem. […] Read more

Study may allow dairy nutritionists to formulate diets with lower protein content without compromising milk production.

New study aims to improve protein efficiency in dairy cows

Researcher to study how to lower protein content without compromising milk production

In humans, the nutrients you ingest are directly correlated to your performance and overall health. The same applies to animals. Currently, the dairy industry relies on the expertise of dairy cow nutritionists who formulate diets for cows using an established protein model. Unfortunately, this model consistently underpredicts milk protein yield at low protein intake. The […] Read more