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The fall run is tough on calves but we can do better

The health problems seen in the feedlot don’t come out of the blue and 
careful handling should start at the home ranch

With the fall run underway, cattlemen and women are faced again with the challenge of morbidity and mortality in calves. By the time calves land in the feed yard, they have often been handled and transported several times. How they fight off disease during that extraordinarily stressful period is related to their age and weight. […] Read more

The criteria for selecting the right antibiotic

Beef 911: There are a lot of factors at play and all of them need to be 
considered in every case where antibiotics are an option

Although a few very effective antibiotics have been removed from the marketplace over the years, the choice has never been greater. The challenge is there are so many factors hinging on the outcome, so deciding which antibiotic to use — or if one is necessary at all — can be a very difficult decision. Also […] Read more

Beef conference to focus on infectious diseases

Beef Cattle Conference takes place June 16-17 in Calgary

The University of Calgary Faculty of veterinary medicine’s annual Beef Cattle Conference takes place June 16-17 in Calgary. This year’s focus is on infectious disease diagnosis and control, including overviews of diarrhea, respiratory disease, and other diseases; biosecurity; vaccination; and preconditioning. There will also be workshops on managing pre-weaning diseases, infectious lameness in the feedlot, […] Read more

E. coli vaccine not effective in feedlot cattle

Study at two commercial feedlots finds minimal reduction of E. coli 0157

A study of a vaccine for controlling E. coli 0157 in the feces of feedlot cattle has found it was not effective. The study was conducted with cattle from two commercial feedlots to evaluate to see if the vaccine would reduce the number of E. coli 0157 shed in cattle feces. If the cattle carried […] Read more

Ladybugs are a beneficial insect as they are voracious eaters of aphids.

A better way to beat your bug troubles

Integrated pest management allows beneficial bugs to prosper

Prevention — not eradication — is the trick to managing pest outbreaks in crops, says a B.C. government entomologist. “In integrated pest management, pest suppression is truly the goal,” Tracey Hueppelsheuser said at a workshop in late July. “The end goal is to limit pest outbreaks and impacts — not completely remove them, but limit […] Read more

Officials hopeful in PEDv battle

The number of new cases of the deadly pig virus is falling, 
but experts fear it could soar again

The number of new cases of porcine epidemic diarrhea is falling, but it’s too soon to say if the corner has been turned, says Alberta veterinarian Egan Brockhoff. “One of the key things for all of us as we move into the summer will be what happens in the U.S. this fall,” the owner of […] Read more