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Forage seed rebate offered for cropland conversion

Discounts on forage seed are once again being offered to producers who convert cropland to pasture. The 2019 forage program from Ducks Unlimited Canada and Nutrien Ag Solutions offers a $100 rebate on a 50-pound bag of Proven Seed forage varieties for farmers in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Manitoba producers receive a rebate of $50 for every new forage […] Read more

These goats at Frank Lake are owned by Baah’d Plant Management 
& Reclamation, based in Calgary.

Goats and beetles used to fight invasive species

Leafy spurge is found across Alberta and its creeping root system makes it very difficult to control

Pull, mow, burn, and spray. These are common ways that Ducks Unlimited Canada manages invasive plant species on projects located on agricultural land. But there’s a new management tool in the mix now being used by the organization. It has started using goats and flea beetles to help combat leafy spurge at its Frank Lake […] Read more

One-stop shop for eco-services programs

Looking for an ecosystem services program that fits your operation? Alberta Beef Producers has created a seven-page fact sheet of several dozen programs. These include programs focused on conservation; wetland protection and management; and offsets. The fact sheet also breaks out several programs from Ducks Unlimited Canada, projects funded under Growing Forward 2, and Alternative […] Read more

Forage seed rebate offered

Ducks Unlimited Canada and Crop Production Services are again offering a forage seed rebate for producers wanting to sow fields to grass. Under the program, Alberta producers receive a $100 rebate on every 50-pound bag of Proven Seed forage varieties purchased at CPS retail locations. While the program is best suited to producers in the […] Read more

Ducks Unlimited Canada and Crop Production Services will cover about half the seed cost of converting cropland to pasture.

Seed rebate for cropland conversion

Ducks Unlimited Canada and Crop Production Services are once again offering a discount on Proven forage seed for producers who convert cropland to pastures. Alberta and Saskatchewan producers receive a rebate of $100 per 50-pound bag of forage seed, while Manitoba producers can get up to $125 for every new forage acre seeded as part […] Read more

Keeping land in grass has a side benefit

Young beef producers need affordable access to grassland 
if the industry is going to grow

The beef industry has been struggling to retain and attract new producers while the average age of farmers, at 54, keeps creeping up. The next generation of cattle producers might be looking for something different. The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) released the National Beef Sustainability Assessment and Strategy this fall. The industry garnered […] Read more

Rob Graff’s winter wheat research plots at the 2015 Alberta Wheat Day at AAFC’s Lethbridge Research Station drew an interested crowd, but it’s been slow going to increase acreage of the fall-seeded crop in the province.

Winter wheat not feeling the love

The crop’s backers say there’s a host of reasons to grow the 
fall-seeded crops, but admit it’s been a struggle to convince farmers

The arguments are persuasive: Winter wheat typically requires less crop inputs than its spring-seeded counterparts, yet can yield 20 per cent more and is known to bring greater — sometimes significantly greater — financial returns. The crop also reduces spring seeding time pressure, widens the fall harvest window, and offers environmental benefits. Yet, winter wheat […] Read more

The high demand for forages is seeing many producers convert cropland to pasture.

Cropland conversion program seeing increased uptake

Program gives rebates on Proven Seed forages for producers putting cropland into grass

There’s increased interest in a program that offers producers a price break when converting cropland to forages, says Ducks Unlimited Canada. “Declining prices for wheat and other cereal crops, as well as a simultaneous increase in beef prices, are leading many landowners to seriously consider the move to increase their cattle herd,” said Craig Bishop, […] Read more

Ducks Unlimited Canada opens Strathmore office

Ducks Unlimited Canada has opened a new office in Strathmore. It will house an expanded number of wetland restoration and conservation staff and will complement DUC’s current network of personnel who already work in southern and central Alberta with landowners, communities and municipal governments within the counties of Acadia, Cypress, Wheatland, Foothills, Newell, Paintearth, Taber, […] Read more

Future work on crested wheatgrass will focus on the development of later-maturing varieties.

New developments in forage-breeding research

One of the more recent offerings is hybrid bromegrass, which offers high first-cut yields and fairly rapid regrowth for grazing

Cattle producers across Western Canada rely on perennial forage grass species to provide their livestock with ample nutrition during the grazing period and for hay. Mother Nature provided these grasses with winter hardiness and reasonable drought tolerance needed to prosper in the Prairie climate — but University of Saskatchewan researchers have done their part, too. […] Read more