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More farms are expected to be multi-generational operations in the coming decades — and even succession experts say getting two generations on the same path is surprisingly hard.

Succession planning is tricky, even for the experts

Succession expert Merle Good is passing the torch — and it’s a lot harder than he thought it would be

Reading Time: 5 minutes Merle Good makes his living by telling other people how to put together succession plans. But he got a taste of his own medicine when daughter Annessa came back to the farm. “Doing it is a hell of a lot harder than talking about it,” said Good, owner of GRS Consulting. “It’s a lot of […] Read more

man discussing farm wills

Avoid family fights over farm wills with these land transfer tips

If you’re among the 80 per cent of farmers leaving some land to non-farming children, 
Merle Good has some creative land transfer advice

Reading Time: 3 minutes Merle Good has one piece of advice for farmers who are drawing up their wills: “If you’re going to leave land to a non-farming child, get creative.” Thirty years ago, “hardly any land went to a non-farming child,” said Good, a longtime tax specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development who now runs a private […] Read more

Farm succession on your horizon?

Expert will be one of the speakers at Cow-Calfenomics

Reading Time: < 1 minute AARD release – An expert in farm succession is one of the speakers at this year’s Cow-Calfenomics seminars. John Reid of Solar Harvest Consulting will talk about having adequate retirement income, transition plans, and generating revenue from all available sources on the farm or ranch. He will also speak about a technique where a farm […] Read more