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The image of eggs offered by nutritionists has changed and that’s paved the way for the surge in egg consumption.

All-day breakfasts lead to record-breaking year for eggs

People still outnumber layers in Alberta — but the hens are catching up fast

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canada’s egg industry has cracked the code for increased sales — all-day breakfast at your favourite fast-food chains. “Egg consumption is up in Canada, and all-day breakfasts have been the main driver,” said Sylvain Charlebois, senior director of the agri-food analytics lab at Dalhousie University. “Eggs are primarily consumed in the morning, and now all […] Read more

chicks at feeder

Chicken welfare program enhanced

Reading Time: < 1 minute Chicken farmers across Canada are rolling out the latest changes to the Raised by a Canadian Farmer Animal Care Program. The program will enhance environmental care and bird monitoring and handling as well as health-care practices, and emergency management and preparedness. “Our Animal Care Program is a clear demonstration of farmers’ commitment to animal care,” […] Read more

Four years after leaving the national chicken organization, Alberta Chicken Producers has a new quota deal and is back in the fold.

Alberta rejoins the flock with new national chicken quota deal

A decade-old dispute over quota allocation is finally settled, and producers are already expanding facilities

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta is back in the federal-provincial agreement for allocating broiler chicken quota after exiting it in 2013. “I’m thinking they should hire us for NAFTA now,” Alberta Chicken Producers’ chair Erna Ference said with a laugh. “This was a huge effort. We started back in 2008 with this, and it took a lot of producers […] Read more

An undercover video of chickens being abused at a B.C. farm is very disturbing but not representative of the industry, 
says the chair of Alberta Chicken Producers.

Chicken producers decry abuse shown in undercover video

Abuse on a B.C. broiler farm is an isolated incident but the poultry industry must ensure 
it doesn’t happen again, says Alberta Chicken Producers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Like its predecessors, the latest undercover video by Mercy for Animals showing abuse of animals on a farm has had a big impact. The 2-1/2-minute long video shows catchers from Elite Farm Services kicking, throwing, and simulating sexual acts with broiler chickens on a farm in B.C.’s Fraser Valley. Erna Ference, chair of the Alberta […] Read more

New egg layers code wins praise

New egg layers code wins praise

Reading Time: < 1 minute The revised Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Layers is a “tremendous achievement,” says the Egg Farmers of Alberta. The code is the foundation for the egg industry’s animal welfare standards, and informs enhancements to the national Animal Care Program. The new Code of Practice is the result of “a rigorous and […] Read more

Marc and Hinke Therrien, chosen as Alberta’s Outstanding Young Farmers this month, will compete for the national title in November. 

Poultry farmers named Alberta’s Outstanding Young Farmers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Redwater poultry farmers Marc and Hinke Therrien are this year’s Outstanding Young Farmers for Alberta. The couple started their agriculture careers in the feed industry and Marc worked at a large broiler farm in order to gain hands-on farming experience. In 2012, they were offered the opportunity to run Pine Valley Family Farm, where they […] Read more

Barbecue Buffalo Chicken Wings as an Appetizer

Chicken industry takes wing on some very creative marketing

Lowly chicken wings used to be a big problem for processors, 
now they are a huge and growing source of profits

Reading Time: 3 minutes If there is one thing that North Americans love to eat — it is chicken wings. During the Super Bowl game alone, one billion wings are consumed along with an ocean of beer. Canadians are right in there chowing down on the once tossed tidbit, and continue to eat a few birds each year themselves. […] Read more

Eggs don’t stay this clean in a hatching barn, so it’s important to find an effective way to clean them.

Which came first? The healthy chicken or the clean egg?

Alberta study sorted through a plethora of egg-cleaning methods 
to find the best way to reduce bacteria on eggs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cleaning eggs is critical in hatcheries in order to minimize bacteria on shells that can affect chicks when they emerge. But there’s more than one way to clean eggs. “Farmers are using many different methods to clean their eggs,” said Brenda Schneider, a poultry research technologist with the province. “Some dust them off, others use […] Read more

Declining antibiotic use in the poultry industry is a good news story, Tom Inglis of Poultry 
Health Services told attendees at the Western Poultry Conference.

Message received on antibiotic use

Poultry health expert says industry has responded to consumer concerns and is reducing antibiotic use

Reading Time: 2 minutes The poultry industry has a good news story when it comes to antibiotic use and it’s time to share it. “The industry is driving the bus right now and that’s a good thing,” said Dr. Tom Inglis, a vet and managing partner of Poultry Health Services in Airdrie. “It behooves us to think a little […] Read more