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True innovation often starts with being curious.

Schoepp: The power of innovation is fuelling farms everywhere

Whether big like canola, niche like pig’s milk or unexpected like stinging nettles, there’s much to celebrate

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve seen and eaten some really amazing foods over the years. Cheese made from sow’s milk, rattlesnake, guinea pig, camel baked in cinnamon, insects and curious fish products. All made for memorable experiences — some that were more pleasant than others. I still cannot stomach camel or Vegemite, nor am I rushing out for grilled […] Read more

Schoepp: Farms have become foreign places for far too many people

Schoepp: Farms have become foreign places for far too many people

How food is grown needs to be part of the conversation from grade school to college

Reading Time: 3 minutes A reporter standing in a farmer’s field opened her newscast with this statement: “I never thought of agriculture being part of food but it is true! They are related. We get food from agriculture!” This person was honestly quite excited about this new revelation and their first road trip down a dirt road. As the […] Read more

There were three pressing, immediate issues identified in our the food supply chain during the early days of the pandemic.

The food supply chain bent but did not break

But the pandemic also highlighted many weaknesses 
in a complex system with many parts

Reading Time: 3 minutes The food supply chain did not fail Canadian consumers in the first half of 2020 despite huge challenges. Yes, there were times when some product was sold out or limited, but emaciated shelves were short lived. Overall, consumers had adequate access to food and beverages from the Canadian food supply chain. The Canadian Agri-Food Policy […] Read more

Perhaps never before in Canadian history has there been such an awareness of the entire food system, and this is a pivotal point.

We can put food at the centre of our national economy

We have a new appreciation for food systems, and a chance to capitalize on our strengths

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nature is the great equalizer. In just three months she took the world from assured continuance along the path of globalization and commercialism to world recognition of one simple fact — we all need to eat. For many years, there have been calls to recognize the importance of agriculture. I have been in that camp, […] Read more