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There will probably be an increase in winter wheat acres this year, says U of Saskatchewan plant scientist Brian Fowler.

Is this the year that winter wheat makes a comeback?

Squeezing winter wheat seeding into a crammed harvest period is usually a big issue

Reading Time: 3 minutes Will there be an upswing in winter wheat acres this year? One of the biggest drawbacks is timing — you have to get your spring-seeded crop off the field before sowing winter wheat. But that won’t be as big an issue in a big chunk of Alberta this year. An estimated 508,000 acres were never […] Read more

Unseeded acres this summer? Consider winter wheat

Unseeded acres this summer? Consider winter wheat

Producers have a few options for their unseeded acres this summer

Reading Time: 3 minutes A bad harvest followed by a wet, cool spring likely means that many producers won’t get all of their fields seeded this spring. And that means making the best of a bad situation. “Once we enter the middle of June, we’re looking at what producers can do with unseeded acres,” said Neil Whatley, crop specialist […] Read more

Rob Graff’s winter wheat research plots at the 2015 Alberta Wheat Day at AAFC’s Lethbridge Research Station drew an interested crowd, but it’s been slow going to increase acreage of the fall-seeded crop in the province.

Winter wheat not feeling the love

The crop’s backers say there’s a host of reasons to grow the 
fall-seeded crops, but admit it’s been a struggle to convince farmers

Reading Time: 3 minutes The arguments are persuasive: Winter wheat typically requires less crop inputs than its spring-seeded counterparts, yet can yield 20 per cent more and is known to bring greater — sometimes significantly greater — financial returns. The crop also reduces spring seeding time pressure, widens the fall harvest window, and offers environmental benefits. Yet, winter wheat […] Read more

Western Winter Wheat Initiative gets $1-million boost

Western Winter Wheat Initiative gets $1-million boost

Reading Time: < 1 minute Winter wheat in Western Canada is getting a boost thanks to The Mosaic Company Foundation, the newest member of the Western Winter Wheat Initiative. The foundation is giving the initiative $1 million over the next three years. “Now that The Mosaic Company Foundation is on board, we are able to continue supporting the growth of […] Read more

Janine Paly and student Kris Vaculchik assess a winter wheat project near Vermilion conducted by Ducks Unlimited Canada and Lakeland College last year.

Winter wheat uptake low despite big efforts to convince producers

The Western Winter Wheat Initiative wants to boost seeding 
to two million acres — but 2014 plantings were just a third of that

Reading Time: 3 minutes The goal is ambitious — convince Prairie farmers to plant two million acres of winter wheat by 2019 — but the backers of the Western Winter Wheat Initiative admit they have a steep hill to climb. Even though winter wheat yields were 32 per cent better than those for spring wheat in 2012 and offered […] Read more

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Alliance offers support for winter wheat growers

Bayer and JRI team up with Ducks Unlimited to promote 
agronomic and environmental advances

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new group aims to offer information and support to winter wheat growers. Bayer Crop Science, Richardson International, and Ducks Unlimited are collaborating on the Western Winter Wheat Initiative. “The purpose of this initiative is to build awareness and credibility of winter wheat as a highly productive crop option for western Canadian farmers,” says Janine […] Read more