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Checkoffs a priority for Alberta Beef Producers

Boosting the $1 national checkoff to $2.50 had a prime spot on the agenda at Alberta Beef Producers’ annual fall meetings.

The 23 meetings held across the province attracted about 900 producers and “as we had hoped, the fall meetings generated good discussion among producers on the issue of industry funding,” the organization said in its Grassroots newsletter.

“It is clear to many people in our sector that we do not have a sufficient level of industry funding for research and market development to remain competitive in a global market for cattle and beef,” the newsletter stated.

Producers were also asked for their views on the $2 provincial checkoff, which is refundable. In the last fiscal year, Alberta Beef Producers had to give back $2.5 million of its checkoff revenues, mainly to cattle feeders. The checkoff issue will once again be up for debate, and the subject of resolutions, at the group’s annual general meeting in December.

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