Digital herd management project gets funding

Three-quarters of cow-calf producers still using pen and paper, says funding body

Recording data digitally leads to better management and is more efficient, says RDAR, which is funding a project to accelerate adoption of digital tools.

RDAR, the province’s independent research funding body, has given a grant to a project to encourage cattle producers to swap their pens for digital herd-management technology. 

“Seventy-five per cent of cow-calf producers use pen and paper for their herd record-keeping and management,” Results Driven Agriculture Research said in announcing a $43,000 grant to Flokk Systems in Carstairs. 

“This project will complete field validation of a prototype solution that, by focusing first on the practical, animal side, needs and realities of Alberta cow-calf producers, will accelerate the adoption of digital tools for cow-calf herd management and traceability reporting in Alberta.” 

Having an easy way to record and use herd data will lead to “improved management decisions,” save time, and allow producers to sell into export markets that require detailed traceability records, the RDAR release said. 

Critical components of such a system include a hand-held device that makes data capture easy and reliable, integrating the data with herd management software, and cloud computing. 

“Flokk Systems is an innovative Alberta-based company that is poised to be a world leader in data management systems for challenging outdoor environments,” the RDAR statement said.

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