Here’s what your fellow beef producers were reading last year

The Beef Research Council produces a raft of articles every year — here’s the Top 10 for 2019

A portion of an infographic called Beef’s place in a healthy environment that was one of the most popular items produced by the Beef Cattle Research Council last year.
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Production advice dominates the Top 10 list of Beef Cattle Research Council’s most popular blogs in the past year — but occupying the No. 1 spot was an article on how plant-based protein stacks up against beef.

The article Isn’t beef Canada’s ultimate plant-based protein? beat out 77 other blog posts, the council said in a year-end review.

The article asked — and answered — questions such as: Is producing plant-based proteins better for the environment than livestock? And are meatless options healthier?

The answer to both, the blog suggests, is no.

The article details the benefits of uncultivated land for wildlife habitat and preserving grasslands, carbon storage, and the fact most of what cattle eat isn’t food humans or even other livestock can eat. It also looked at the nutritional benefits of beef.

An infographic entitled Beef’s place in a healthy environment also cracked the Top 10, but the others addressed production and management issues.

They are (in order of popularity):

  • Winter feeding cost comparison: A look at hay and alternative feeds, including a chart on the cost of rations with various main ingredients.
  • Bull selection: The final part of a four-part series, this look at factors that determine a bull’s value includes a link to a bull valuation calculator.
  • Calving on pasture: Factors to be aware of when shifting from winter to spring calving.
  • Settling calves in a feedlot: Tips from vets, managers and nutritionists on making the transition easier and more profitable.
  • Producing more healthy calves: This article is a bit of a cheat sheet for two webinars on successful calving. It has direct links to relevant parts of the webinars.
  • Using bovine respiratory disease vaccines: Looks at research on topics such as the incidence of BRD in pre-weaned calves, mortality rates, and effects on long-term performance.
  • Replacement heifers: The pros and cons of raising your own replacements or buying them. This article also links to a webinar (featuring University of Saskatchewan economist Kathy Larson and Dr. John Campbell from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine).
  • Efficiency tips: Lessons learned from three producers who changed their practices and found success. These include improved calf identification measures, installing remote cameras to monitor watering systems, and adopting quiet livestock-handling practices.

The council’s website has blog articles dating back to 2011. Along with the website’s search feature, articles are grouped in to areas such as animal health, environment, beef quality, and feed efficiency.

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