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Foodgrains growing projects get land

Reading Time: < 1 minute For the sixth year in a row, Viterra is making land around five of its terminals available for Canadian Foodgrains Bank supporters.  In all, the five locations — Lethbridge, Trochu, and three in Saskatchewan — have just over 300 acres that will be farmed this year.  Some are traditional growing projects, while others are farmed […] Read more

Hail fears lessens for growing projects

Hail fears lessens for growing projects

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hail will be a little less of a threat this year for Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects. Alberta Financial Services Corporation is donating the first $80 an acre of hail insurance for every growing project in the province. There are 35 growing projects in Alberta this year and having hail insurance “provides a great sense […] Read more

Colin Boender with a group of women who several years ago had a duck house built and were given eggs. Now the ducks and their eggs both supply their families and are sold, providing the families with a small but precious income stream.

Farmers and Canadian Foodgrains Bank set down deep roots

Reading Time: 4 minutes Across the country, thousands of farmers take time during their busiest season to harvest crops that will be sold to support the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. A few have been going for more than three decades, but many came to be during the 23 years that the charity, an alliance of 15 churches and church-based agencies, […] Read more

Like all Foodgrains Bank growing projects, harvest always draws a crowd, including at the Linden-Acme Foodgrains Growing Project (above) or the Vauxhall & District Growing Project (right). That’s likely to be scaled down this year, but volunteers say the pandemic has made their fundraising efforts more important than ever.

The need is greater than ever — and the volunteer spirit even stronger

Reading Time: 3 minutes COVID-19 has stopped many things, but not the volunteers of Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects. In Kneehill County, the Linden-Acme Foodgrains Growing Pro­ject will be planting its 17th crop — this year, it will be barley for silage, said Earl Jeninga, manager at Kneehill Soil Services. Anywhere from 30 to 40 people volunteer each year […] Read more

Harvest is underway for Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects across the province, including this recent one nearRosemary.

Foodgrains Bank feels effects of up-and-down summer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Poor growing conditions here at home could have far-reaching impacts around the world, as Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects struggle to get their crops off. “Most of the southern projects are done, but farther north, there’s almost nothing done,” said Terence Barg, northern Alberta regional representative for the Foodgrains Bank. “If the yields aren’t good […] Read more

Young Guns growing project going strong in second year

Reading Time: < 1 minute “It’s looking fabulous. I’m excited to see the yield.” Those are the words of Mikaela Lemay, an agronomist and leader of the Young Guns growing project near Trochu. The group of young farmers started their growing project last year when the local Viterra terminal donated the use of surrounding land to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. […] Read more

For the third year running, Viterra is providing land at Stettler and two other Alberta terminals for growing projects.

Long-running growing project finds land at last moment

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was a close call, but one of the country’s longest-running Canadian Foodgrains Bank growing projects has successfully seeded its 24th crop. “We did not secure this 70 acres until May 6, which is very late,” Doug Maas, a member of the Central Alberta Growing Project committee, said in an email. “Our committee was looking […] Read more

Educators invited to Ethiopia to learn about global hunger

Reading Time: < 1 minute Applications are being taken for a Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s youth educators’ tour to Ethiopia in August. Anyone who is an educator of youth or young adults is welcome to apply, including, school teachers, 4-H leaders, and church youth leaders. The delegation will learn about food security issues in Ethiopia, visit communities receiving support from the […] Read more

Helping farmers in East Africa learn how to make their land more productive is why La Crete grower James Thiessen signed up for the 
Two Acre Challenge.

Hemp growers making a big difference half a world away

Reading Time: 3 minutes James Thiessen has been growing hemp for eight years, but this past year he did something different — gave part of his harvest away. The organic hemp grower from La Crete was approached by Hemp Production Services to join the Two Acre Challenge and was happy to participate. “I like it because Hemp Production Services […] Read more