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CleanFARMS collection begins this week

CleanFARMS is collecting obsolete pesticide and livestock medications this week at 20 locations across the southern part of the province. Farmers can drop off their obsolete materials at a designated collection site at no charge. The products will then be transported to a high-temperature incineration facility for safe disposal. Pickups will occur at four locations […] Read more

Recycle your pesticide containers

Farmers can recycle empty commercial pesticide and fertilizer containers at no charge. Clean empty containers that are 23 litres or smaller can be taken to the nearest collection site. Containers larger than 23 litres should be returned to the point of sale or to the manufacturer for disposal. Containers used for home and garden care […] Read more

Get rid of unwanted meds and pesticides

Farmers and ranchers in southern Alberta will be able to dispose of unwanted or obsolete pesticide and livestock medications this fall. The Canadian Animal Health Institute and CleanFARMS will conduct the collection from Oct. 26-30 at 20 collection sites. A list of pickup sites will be posted at the CleanFARMS website later this summer. A similar […] Read more

Alberta farmers turn in nearly 36 tonnes of obsolete pesticides

Alberta farmers turned in 35,800 kilograms of obsolete or unwanted pesticides for safe disposal in 2013. The obsolete pesticide collection program — part of a two-year initiative — took place at three ag retail locations in the Peace Region and 16 ag retail locations in the central region in October. “Alberta farmers are some of […] Read more