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Whether you’re in the prime of your farming career or getting closer to retirement, you need to plan, says provincial financial specialist Rick Dehod.

What’s the view from your farm in 2027?

Long-term planning is easy to put off, but there can be a steep price to pay, says financial specialist

Reading Time: 2 minutes No matter what age, it’s never too early or late to put together a long-term plan for your farm, says a provincial financial specialist. “Farmers are always busy with their daily and seasonal tasks,” says Rick Dehod. “When asked what their plan is for the next 10 years, they often say they haven’t had a […] Read more

Farmer in wheat field

Opinion: ‘Rich’ farmers aren’t a bad thing

People may not appreciate how tough it is to build a farm business, 
but we should still celebrate those successes

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was just one line in a 25-page report, but it stood out: “It is a popular misconception that farmers are making a lot of money in agricultural enterprises.” As a journalist, I’ve never had to worry that people will think I’m wealthy. But, according to the report, the notion of “rich farmers” is widely held. And […] Read more

Business help just a phone call away

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you’re thinking of a new farm business or expanding an existing one, there’s a new-venture specialist willing to help. “New-venture coaches do their best to help you get your business to-do list into reality, to get a new income stream planned for the farm into a sustainable business, or even just support a startup […] Read more

Agriculture risk management program approved

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Advanced Education has granted its approval to Lethbridge College’s Agriculture Business Risk Management (AgBRM) certificate program. The program was launched a year ago, and those completing it were initially awarded a credential of academic achievement. The provincial certificate approval provides a variety of benefits, including making students eligible for student loans. The program was […] Read more

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A tale of success, and how greed can overpower common sense

Dutch entrepreneur learns a hard lesson about family 
dynamics and the need to put things in writing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Edda sat at my kitchen table, the tears streaming down her face. A young innovator from the Netherlands, she seemed to have it all — a successful business, access to land, her own cattle herd, and a fabulous boyfriend. What could be the problem? Like many young and passionate innovators I’ve met and mentored in […] Read more

Bags Of Money On A Farm Field

Getting the lowdown on your farm’s financial health

Simple Farm Ratio Analyzer is a quick way to determine whether your farm is on the right financial track, says farm finance specialist

Reading Time: 2 minutes An Excel program available from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development can help producers assess the financial state of their farm business. The Agricultural Business Analyzer (ABA) Simple Farm Ratio Analyzer gives users a quick idea of the financial health of their farm or ranch as well as a comparison of their business’s ratios to industry […] Read more

Sandy Bell offers equine-assisted personal and professional development workshops on her farm near Rimbey.

‘City girl’ turns love of horses into farm-based business

Running a farm-based business has come with a ‘huge learning curve’ for city girl Sandy Bell, 
who operates Windhorse Retreat near Rimbey

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ten years ago, city girl Sandy Bell took a four-day trail ride into the mountains that changed her life. “It was not a beginner ride, and I found at the end of it, I had never been so sore, I had never been so tired and dirty, but I had never been so happy,” said […] Read more