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Funding wheat research has been one of Alberta Wheat’s top priorities and greatest successes, say founding directors Kevin Auch and Greg Porozni.

Alberta Wheat says goodbye to two founding board members

Kevin Auch and Greg Porozni have been on the commission’s board since its inception five years ago — and have jumped a few hurdles along the way

Reading Time: 5 minutes They say time flies when you’re having fun. But as two longtime Alberta Wheat board members prepare to say goodbye to the commission they helped build from the ground up, another saying seems just as fitting. It’s never too late to make up for lost time. “There was a void for a long, long time,” […] Read more

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Ottawa urged to quickly pass transport bill

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Alberta Wheat Commission is urging the federal Liberal government to quickly pass Bill C-49, which will overhaul the Transportation Act. In a presentation to the standing committee on transport earlier this month, commission reps also recommended amendments to make interswitching more effective and requiring railways to provide more detailed volume forecasts and operational plans […] Read more

Ottawa still considering eliminating deferred grain cash tickets

Ottawa still considering eliminating deferred grain cash tickets

Alberta crop commissions say federal finance officials don’t understand the 
serious impact of eliminating the tax break

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ottawa is extending the public consultations on the “potential elimination” of deferred grain cash tickets by two months. But Alberta farm leaders say federal finance officials have “little understanding” of the importance of the income tax break and “the far-reaching implications if farmers were to lose access to this tool.” “We believe that the government […] Read more

Alberta Wheat fighting to keep tax deferral

Alberta Wheat fighting to keep tax deferral

Ottawa is missing the point when it says grain farmers shouldn’t get a special tax break, says Alberta Wheat chair Kevin Auch

Reading Time: 3 minutes A tax break for grain farmers that Ottawa is considering taking away is deserved and benefits the entire grain sector, says the chair of the Alberta Wheat Commission. “I guess we are asking for special tax treatment but it’s because of our special circumstances,” said Kevin Auch. Following its recent budget, the federal government said […] Read more

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Province needs to soften the carbon tax blow

‘Team Alberta’ is pitching enhanced carbon credits

Reading Time: 4 minutes The carbon tax has kicked in, but producers are still trying to figure out its impact — and what can be done to ease the hit on the bottom line. “Everything we buy — whether it is in inputs, fertilizers, freights, parts, machinery — all of those service providers to us are all impacted. Their […] Read more

Because of rain or snow, crops in Alberta have suffered downgrades this year. On John Wozniak’s 2,500-acre farm near St. Paul, more than 1,500 acres of cereals remain unharvested — including this wheat field hit by snow in the third week of October.

‘Modernize’ grain grading, says Alberta Wheat

farm group says farmers would make more if Canadian grain Commission changes grading for sprouting and fusarium damage

Reading Time: 4 minutes Alberta Wheat wants the Canadian Grain Commission to “modernize” its grading system, saying it doesn’t align with market demands of international buyers. “It all comes down to wanting more objective measurements for quality standards,” said Kevin Auch, chair of the Alberta Wheat Commission. “We’ve got some pretty good grading standards — don’t get me wrong […] Read more

Wheat rep nominations open

Nomination forms must be received in writing by Oct. 31

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Alberta Wheat Commission is seeking two directors and three regional representatives in both Regions 1 and 5. Directors provide leadership, make decisions on behalf of producers, and implement the commission’s strategic direction by working with the management team. Regional reps serve on committees and provide input to the board. “It is a real privilege […] Read more

Weather woes not the only concern

Weather woes not the only concern

The grain transportation system is far from fixed, poor quality will 
have continuing repercussions, and the world is awash in grain

Reading Time: 4 minutes All that rain and its effect on crop quality is top of mind for Alberta farm leaders, but lurking just behind is the prospect of the railways seizing up again in the face of a huge harvest. “It looks like there’s a lot of crop out there — I’ve heard estimates that this might be […] Read more

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Oneil Carlier (centre) is given a tour of the Food Processing Development Centre after announcing a $10-million expansion.

Food development centre gets $10-million boost

Crop commissions welcome funding to expand the Leduc food development facility

Reading Time: < 1 minute A $10-million expansion of the food development facility in Leduc is being welcomed by the provincial wheat and barley commissions. “We hope this capital injection will be a catalyst for further innovation from the Food Processing Development Centre,” said Alberta Barley chair Mike Ammeter, who farms near Sylvan Lake. The centre and Agrivalue Processing Business […] Read more

A rising tide: Canada leap frogs U.S. in wheat exports

A rising tide: Canada leap frogs U.S. in wheat exports

It’s been decades since that last happened, but some predict our share 
of the global market will continue to rise

Reading Time: 4 minutes Canada is exporting more wheat than the U.S. for the first time in decades. After decades of playing second fiddle to its southern neighbour, the low Canadian dollar and other factors have this country’s exports edging ahead in what some industry observers consider a new trend. Last crop year, Canada exported 23.9 million tonnes of […] Read more