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In Europe, major food companies are putting a Nutri-Score on the front of labels. Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, is adopting the system even for products, like KitKat, that get the lowest rating. Food expert David Hughes predicts foods will soon have an environmental rating, too.

From faux meat to fake milk, the plant-based trend still going strong

It’s not making news during the pandemic, but consumer interest in meat and dairy alternatives hasn’t waned

It’s not making news during the pandemic, but the popularity of plant-based foods is still growing, says an expert on global food trends. “Because of COVID-19, it looks like plant-based food has gone off the boil because you just hear less about plant-based food,” David Hughes said during a webinar hosted by the Plant Protein […] Read more

A&W is among the restaurant chains now offering Beyond Meat as a burger option.

The fake meat trend is just getting started, food exec says

Half of all meat eaters say they want to cut back and eat more plant-based foods

It’s not going to stop with the Beyond Meat burger. Expect to see more plant-based foods in your grocery store as more and more consumers reduce their consumption of meat, says the CEO of a leading organic and natural food company. “You can see tremendous acceleration in the refrigerated meat alternatives in Canada,” Beena Goldenberg […] Read more