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Pacific Ocean sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies for the week centred on Jan. 6. (

FAO seeks help for drought-ravaged Ethiopia

Rome | Reuters — Ethiopia faces its worst drought in decades, leading the United Nations’ food agency to call on Friday for an emergency cash injection of US$50 million to help the country overcome the crisis. Crop production has fallen up to 90 per cent in some regions and failed completely in the country’s east, […] Read more

a row of combines harvesting

The four fallacies of sustainable food production

Intensive, large-scale production employing the 
latest technology is key to feeding a hungry world

Reading Time: 4 minutes The view that we need to change how we produce food in the name of sustainability has become ubiquitous in Canada and other developed countries. Indeed, spurred on by the perceptions of some consumers, the food industry has become keenly interested in how farmers produce food. They want to know about their carbon footprint; animal […] Read more

While en route to the World Pulses Convention in Cape Town in early May, Allison Ammeter passed under this bridge in Buckinghamshire, England and took it as a sign that big things were afoot in the world of pulses.

Why you should care about the UN’s International Year of the Pulse

Take a look at what it did for quinoa, and you’ll realize this event will 
benefit your pocketbook, soil, and maybe your health

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some of you read this article title and decided to read one sentence before moving on. Some of you have already moved on. Like many of you, I haven’t had a lot of respect for many of the things the UN thinks, endorses, or gets involved in. So why am I, a self-proclaimed redneck Alberta […] Read more