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Many immigrants are trying to escape conflicts they did not start and never wanted.

Conflict drives them from home, but hope is what they bring

Many of our newcomers had to flee their own country and they value the peace and opportunity they find here 

Reading Time: 3 minutes While walking on the path, I met a group of students working on an outdoor assignment, enjoying the activity and chatting away. I love to find out the story behind people — starting with a joyous welcome to Canada and asking the inevitable question, ‘Where are you from?’ In this group there were people from […] Read more

Ray Loewen

VIDEO: Resettling refugee families in rural Manitoba

Reading Time: < 1 minute Rural communities in many parts of the Prairies have joined the effort to alleviate the plight of refugees escaping war-torn Syria. Small Manitoba towns such as Altona, Winkler and Morden are doing their part to make room by welcoming seven Syrian families – a total of 45 people – into their communities. The area has a […] Read more

Mike McKay, a teacher at Eaglesham School, leads a group of students to a nearby field during a previous Night in the Trenches. The students spend a night in the trenches to learn about the hardships of war.

Under the northern stars, students remember the fallen

Night in the Trenches is a Remembrance Day event 
that gives students a glimpse into what war is really like

Reading Time: 3 minutes On the evening of Remembrance Day, 15 students from Eaglesham School will march to a field on the outskirts of their hamlet to dig chest-deep trenches. Then they’ll pull their blankets around themselves and try to sleep. The Night in the Trenches — a tradition at the K-12 school since 2008 — is the brainchild […] Read more