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(File photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Canola exports slow down in latest weekly report

CNS Canada — Weekly Canadian canola exports were down during the week ended Sunday, hitting their lowest level since September 2017, according to the latest Canadian Grain Commission data. Canada exported only 129,000 tonnes of canola during the latest reporting period, which compares with the previous five-week average of 194,800 tonnes. Total canola exports during […] Read more

(Commercial Port of Vladivostok,

Russia to boost grain transport subsidies in 2018

Moscow | Reuters — Russia will spend two billion roubles (C$43 million) in grain transportation subsidies to help to speed exports in 2018, the deputy agriculture minister said on Thursday. Already among the world’s largest wheat exporters, Russia is trying to step up a gear after this year’s record crop, which is keeping its grain […] Read more

Strong, enduring relationships don’t happen by accident

Strong, enduring relationships don’t happen by accident

The reaction of customers to hearing a farmer’s story shows 
the importance of having producers on crop missions

Reading Time: 3 minutes This January I went on a much-anticipated trip to Maui with my wife. Twenty years ago, we committed to spending the rest of our lives together and thought this was a good way to celebrate such a milestone (sans children, of course!). One month prior to this celebration, I was over the Indian Ocean heading to […] Read more

Wheat producers from Canada to Kazakhstan (where this photo was taken last month) have produced a bumper crop of wheat, which has pushed down prices. But demand for high-quality wheat is boosting the market for 
No. 1 hard red spring.

Demand for quality is pushing up hard red spring prices

Look for ‘basis specials’ when grain buyers need to blend better-quality wheat to meet sale specifications

Reading Time: 2 minutes Despite generally low wheat prices, the hard red spring wheat market is showing some positive price action, says a provincial crop market analyst. “At least two things are happening in this market,” said Neil Blue. “Back in August, some commercial buyers began to increase their bids for wheat protein. This was a reflection of the […] Read more

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Iran now self-sufficient in wheat, president says

New York | Reuters — Iran has become self-sufficient in wheat and aims to export wheat in the coming months, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday. “We had a good year that led Iran to stop importing wheat. We are planning to export wheat in the coming months,” Rouhani told a news conference on […] Read more

A Russian grain terminal at the Port of Novorossiysk on the Black Sea. (

Lack of grain storage seen as record Russian crop looms

Moscow | Reuters — Russia is facing a lack of grain storage as it remains on track to produce the largest cereals crop in post-Soviet history, the head of Russia’s Grain Union, a non-government farmers’ lobby group, said Tuesday. Arkady Zlochevsky, the head of the union, told a briefing in Moscow he expected a grain […] Read more

A rising tide: Canada leap frogs U.S. in wheat exports

A rising tide: Canada leap frogs U.S. in wheat exports

It’s been decades since that last happened, but some predict our share 
of the global market will continue to rise

Reading Time: 4 minutes Canada is exporting more wheat than the U.S. for the first time in decades. After decades of playing second fiddle to its southern neighbour, the low Canadian dollar and other factors have this country’s exports edging ahead in what some industry observers consider a new trend. Last crop year, Canada exported 23.9 million tonnes of […] Read more

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Grain consortium lobbying hard for Australia’s biggest wheat exporter

Sydney/Reuters – A consortium seeking to buy Australia’s biggest wheat exporter, Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd (CBH), is stepping up lobbying for its offer amid concerns the deal may be snubbed and reports of a rival Chinese bidder. The Australian Grains Champion (AGC), which includes farmers and some former directors of CBH, wants to acquire and list […] Read more