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Lloydminster-area author Billi J. Miller is celebrating the up-and-coming generation of farmwives in her new book, Farmwives 2.

There’s no right way to be a woman on the farm

Reading Time: 3 minutes Billi J. Miller has never been a traditional ‘farmwife’ — whatever that means anyway. And that’s just fine by her. “The term ‘farmwife’ has changed so much,” said the Lloydminster-area author. “I don’t fit into that box. And there’s comfort in knowing that there are other women like you.” In 2016, Miller published her first […] Read more

View of a group of young children with their heads together

Will boys always be boys? Not if we teach them proper boundaries

Around the world, boys are taught that aggression towards females is OK — it’s not, and must not be accepted

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was at the beach and there was a family on either side of me. On my left was a father and his four boys. On my right was a father and his four girls. The four girls played quietly doing make believe and building sand castles. Their father listened to music and watched for […] Read more

Ten things farm moms really want

Ten things farm moms really want

It would be fun for you to be a fly on the wall of my office when the calls from farm moms come in. They range in age from 33 to 93. Regardless of your age or stage as a farm mom, I bet there are things that you would like to be able to[...]
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Krysta Harden was one of several speakers at the Advancing Women Conference who urged attendees to take a leadership role, whether on the farm, in their community, or on the boards of farm organizations.

Jump in: Ag needs more women leaders

Attendees at Advancing Women Conference told their voices are needed — 
and they need to encourage each other to speak up

Reading Time: 4 minutes Women are still a minority in farming but they can — and should — play a leading role. That was a recurring theme at this year’s Advancing Women Conference, where attendees were told their leadership and communication skills are badly needed. “Women’s voices are needed, that’s my underlying message — your hard work, your commitment,[...]
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Nancy and Ray Nolan split farm and childcare chores but like many women agri-entrepreneurs, Nancy says she faces unique challenges.

Running from dawn to dusk: Women ag entrepreneurs face extra challenges

Operating a farm, raising kids, and building a business often mean there’s no time for conferences and other vital learning opportunities

Reading Time: 5 minutes At first, Kim Good didn’t really see the point of a program geared toward women agri-food entrepreneurs. “I sometimes get a little annoyed at the fact women need more programming than anybody else,” said Good, who co-owns Farm Fresh Pet Foods, which has a line of healthy dog food products made from Alberta-sourced ingredients. “I[...]
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Empower your daughters to be great farmers

Understanding one’s abilities, becoming financially literate, 
and gaining experience outside the farm are all critical

Reading Time: 3 minutes More women own and operate farms and agribusinesses in Canada than ever before. What is it that women need to do to be great farmers and how can farms prepare daughters for the ownership of the family farm? Underlying any business transaction is value. And often, families focus on the value of the capital assets[...]
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Project supports rural Alberta women entrepreneurs

Rural women asked to participate in an online survey

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Agriculture & Food Council (AFC) is conducting a research project called Success for Women in Agri-Food (#S4WAg) to identify and assess barriers rural Alberta women entrepreneurs face and to develop a pilot program that will support the engagement of women in the growing regional food economy and policy discussions. “Women play key roles in[...]
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New project supports rural Alberta women entrepreneurs

Online survey open until Feb. 29

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new initiative aims to identify barriers faced by rural Alberta women entrepreneurs in the regional food economy and then develop a pilot project to help overcome them. “Participating in regional food systems not only creates economic growth for a region, but also provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to create value-added food adding to the long-term[...]
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Talent, not gender, is what matters in today’s agriculture

Whether running farms or taking a leadership role in ag businesses, 
women are breaking down the gender barrier

Reading Time: 3 minutes Agriculture may be considered a male-dominated industry, but more women are not only recognizing the many opportunities in this sector, they are also taking on leadership roles. Gone are the days when farming meant back-breaking physical labour. As well, the trend towards larger farm operations has meant a need for different skills and capabilities, including[...]
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